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Room Service: Tynion IV, Colinet, and Charretier Team Up for Horror Short on Kickstarter

Room Service: Tynion IV, Colinet, and Charretier Team Up for Horror Short on Kickstarter

Room Service: Tynion IV, Colinet, and Charretier Team Up for Horror Short on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has announced that acclaimed creators will come together to bring a live-action short horror film to the platform. The film titled ‘Room Service‘ will come from the minds of writer James Tynion IV, director PK Colinet, and artist Elsa Charretier. The creators will spin a tale of the unexpected and dark lengths one will go to save themselves and their family from financial ruin. What first seems like an olive branch being extended from the mysterious strangers known as the Caretaker, could end up costing the film’s protagonist more than they initially thought.

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The crowdfunded project will bring fans the twisted short horror film as well as an art book that will give fans a look at the creation of the film. A poster by artist Martin Simmonds who has worked alongside Tynion IV on the hit comic book series ‘The Department of Truth,’ and also a second poster available exclusively through Kickstarter by Charretier. Along with all that, backers of the project will also get a stand-alone story set in the world of the film from Tynion IV with illustrations by Charretier and art prints from superstar creators Rafael Albuquerque, Cliff Chiang, Francesco Francavilla, Jim Mahfood, and Charretier.

Speaking of the project, Colinet shared some insight on the story of the short horror film, saying:

“Room Service” asks: what’s the cost of one perfect evening? The wealthy know that there’s no desire outside the reach of their wallet. The film’s protagonist is down on his luck and his family is on the verge of ruin. With the help of the mysterious Caretaker, he might have found a way out of his trouble. But at what cost?”

Tynion IV added that this will be their addition to a level of horror that also confronts the state of our world, saying:

“From ‘Get Out’ to ‘The Invisible Man’ and ‘Parasite,’ this is a tremendously exciting time for people who love horror films with biting social commentary. When PK and Elsa approached me about collaborating on a short film, I wanted to create a story that would confront the horror and inequity of the world around us.”

Lastly, Charretier shares that the beauty of making comics is that it can be done by anyone with permission and money not being a factor, saying:

“The great thing about comic books is that you don’t need anyone’s permission or money to create one. Take a wad of paper, a pen, and a bunch of hours later, there’s your comic! So why the heck are three successful comic creators pivoting to this cash-eating monster of a medium: movies?! PK was excited to get behind the camera for his directorial debut, James wanted to stretch himself creatively, and for me it was a true honor to capture James’ chilling words and PK’s haunting vision in my storyboards. “Room Service” is poetic and gory and it just might break your heart.”

Room Service is available exclusively on Kickstarter now. Head over to the official project page to check it out and support the project.

Room Service: Tynion IV, Colinet, and Charretier Team Up for Horror Short on Kickstarter

Source: Kickstarter

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1 Comment

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