“This is not your everyday save the planet story, it’s a courageous and different type of storytelling.”

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Title Eve #1
Publisher BOOM!
Writer Victor LaValle
Artist Jo Mi-Gyeong
Colors Brittany Peer

For Eve, life begins as a simple and pleasant life with her father, wandering the beach as she enjoys the pleasantries of the life surrounding her and shortly after enjoying dinner with her father, all while getting a brief glimpse of the the technology available to them as they use their voice activated AI “Maxine” to change the scenery in the room. All short lived as Eve shortly awakens from the Matrix-esque sleep she had been induced. As she awakens from this dream world she is awaited on by an AI teddy bear that will forever be Terminator Ted in my mind, but for accuracy sake, his name is Wexler and was programmed by Eve’s father. Wexler catches Eve up to speed to the real state of the world and so begins our journey to save the world and Eve’s father…

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Victor LaValle gives us an impressive point of view of this climate post apocalyptic world. LaValle’s world is further pushed into a sense of fear as we experience it through a child’s eyes. She is lost, in a sense alone, and although she gives off signs of a contagious positivity and courage, there’s a shadow of dread looming about.

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LaValle has created a world that envisions a fight against climate change, and provides us with powerful dialogue that gives the readers a crash course into who these characters are and helps us instantly connect with them, and care for them. A lingering dystopian world that seems to be carrying some real challenges for Eve in the coming issues. Mi-Gyeong compliments this by providing us with visuals that carry as much weight as the storytelling, the combination of Mi-Gyeong’s line work and Peer’s exquisite color choices pull us into our own dream world that they have created with a unique style and flair. It’s all driven home by Andworld Designs always tactful lettering. The style, the placement, almost seemingly guiding us through these panels in a way that helps us grasp the entirety of each panel, it’s genius work. This is not your typical save the planet story, it is a courageous and different environmental type of storytelling that packs a bag of emotions into one issue.

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