“This is a definite must read for any True Believer and newcomers looking to enter the wonderful world of Marvel Comics.”

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Title Heroes Reborn #1
Publisher Marvel
Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Ed Mcguinness
Inker: Mark Morales
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Letterer: Vc Cory Petit

Blade awakens to find that he is the only one with recollection of the Marvel universe as it has been, and the world he’s in now was warped into a series of events that led our would be Avengers down paths that never led them to that destiny. Instead, we are treated to a new era of heroes, the Squadron Supreme.

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Now, I truly love these alternate reality stories, the freedom these creators have to take characters we love… or hate and transform them into something unspeakable or ungodly is truly amazing to experience at times, in this case it’s no different. Aaron takes the ability to jump out of the confines of the usual reality and not only blends the identity of these characters, but also plays with the flexibility of his storytelling.

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We’re put in the midst of an action packed start to this series as we’re introduced to a personal favorite of mine, Dr. Doom. Now, like a wish granted that I never knew I wanted, we get Dr. Doomernaut? Juggerdoom? Ok, sorry Marvel, we are treated to the blasphemous combination of none other than Dr. Doom and Juggernaut and its glorious! Dr. Juggernaut as Marvel calls him terrorizes an entire page in full glory as you can see below.

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The truth is, we know they exist in this world, but never reached their potential that made them the heroes they are in our reality. Why only Blade knows this? Who knows? But as we can see in the final pages, that may very well change in the coming issues… MAYBE.

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The truth is, the kickoff of this event is both full of mystery and excitement, yes, we just spent months as prisoners of Knull in King in Black and there may be a bit of a hangover as we’re put into what seems another big event, but True Believers, hang in there! This series is a fresh perspective on a world full of what if’s and a chance to let Marvel play around with a new set of heroes and alter egos. Will this have long term implications or bleed into the Marvel Universe we know? Too early to tell, but it certainly gives enough intrigue for us to want to find out.

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The foundation is set by Aaron and we get enough information to plant our feet into this world without feeling as lost as the Daywalker. The art in this is even more incredible even for Marvel standards, the full and two page spreads, the vibrancy of the color work, and energizes every page as Aaron strings us along trying to unravel the events of this world. This is a definite must read for any True Believer and newcomers looking to enter the wonderful world of Marvel Comics.

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