Stay tuned next week to learn more about this new Marvel hero debuting in June!
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We don’t know much, but here’s what we do know. We know he is queer and will debut in Marvel’s Voice: Pride #1 this June.

As noted above, the character is designed by Luciano Vecchio, and whether the character is “dead” or perhaps has a past being referenced with the teaser images text “is” being crossed out and changed to “was.”

In Roman mythology, Somnus is the Olympian god of sleep and he has a counterpart by the name of Hypnos. Now, Marvel is no stranger to pulling inspiration from mythology, how this play into the character Somnus remains to be seen.

There’s also references to a character named Somnus that Marvel has used before, an Inhuman who played a role in a comic series titled “Silent War.” No confirmation, but sources don’t seem to believe this has any connection to this new Somnus.

Marvel’s announcement states that more information about Somnus will arrive next week, so be sure to stay tuned as GNE brings you more coverage when it’s available.

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