Rainbow Six Siege Adds Leon Kennedy Resident Evil Skin.

Rainbow Six Siege Adds Leon Kennedy Resident Evil Skin

Rainbow Six Siege is no stranger to bringing some interesting crossovers into the game with unique skins. Fans of Capcom’s Resident Evil series are the latest to be treated with Leon Kennedy, a prominent character in the horror franchise, is crashing the world of operators as a new skin for Lion mains, following in the footsteps of another mainstay character earlier this year. 

Joining the Resident Evil fun with the latest crossover is Leon and his cosmetic pack comes with unique headgear, Leon’s uniform, weapon skins, and more for the operator Lion. The face itself appears more Lion than Leon, but the uniform is spot-on. Lion also got a little bit of a makeover, getting more of a Leon-Esque hairstyle to go along with his sweet new digs: 

Called the Lion Elite Set, the newest skin pack comes with a stylized new Victory animation, the iconic Leon Kennedy outfit, a special new charm, LFP86, 417, V308, P9, and SG-CQB weapon skins, and a new Drone gadget skin. 

In other Rainbox Six Siege news, Ubisoft announced another new operator coming to the game, one that comes equipped with bulletproof shields and the power to reshape maps. Osa is a Croatian attacker that is known for being a bit of an engineering mastermind and brings yet another strategic layer to the R6 meta. For those that are interested, she is also the first trans character for the competitive shooter.

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