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Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe Vol. 1 Review

Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe Vol. 1 Review

Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe Vol. 1 Review

Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe

Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe Vol. 1 Review
Written by: HF Brownfield
Art by: Kayla Coombs
Published by: Oni Press

I’m going to start this review by first and foremost saying that I am one of those people who love two ends of a spectrum. I love CUTE and I LOVE morbid. I’d say when it comes to reading I tend to lean more towards the dark and dreary, spattered with a bit of rock n’ roll with a loud whisper of death and gore.

Quinnelope and the Cook King Catastrophe? It’s so sweet, I feel the ghost of Wilfred Brimley approaching to tell me about diabeetus supplies. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely. Could I have guessed from the title? Also, absolutely. Do I love it? You bet your pink britches I do. 

As someone who misses Adventure Time more than I’m willing to admit, this sweet treat caper featuring is exactly what my soul hungered for. While not on the level of Dick Wolf (just think about every crime show on TV for the past 25 years), but the kidnapping of the Cookie King deserves no less attention. Just imagine little CSIs with their powdered sugar fingerprint powder, and thumbprints left in molasses! Oh, I’d watch that. 

The friendly story and simple art make this great for kids, and adults alike. Writers and artists HF Brownfield and Kayla Coombs made something easily digestible that leaves a pleasant taste on the tongue. Don’t worry though, they won’t leave you craving more for too long! Quinnelope and the Mystery of the Missing Moon is coming soon!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go bake some cookies.

Sabrina A. Clark
Sabrina A. Clark

Sabrina A. Clark

Do I know Sabrina? Sabrina…Sabrina….Oh, you mean her? Yeahh. She’s wild. Homegirl throws solo dance parties in her bedroom. She writes like nobody’s reading…because they aren’t (yet). She is an award winning baker, and has seen every episode of every season of ALL the Star Treks, and Stargates except Stargate Universe because it wasn’t right. Perpetual teenager. 4’11 of sass and sarcasm. She’s obsessed with cats. Single if you can believe it. All around nerd, and just too weird for her own good. AND SHE’S PROUD OF IT? 

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