Horizon Zero Dawn

Peach Momoko‘s Horizon Zero Dawn cover art from Titan Comics are being gathered together in a poster portfolio. Each of her covers from the series will be available in the book as removable high-quality posters for you to hang on your wall. I love these types of books and am excited to see Momoko get one. I’d love it if she got to do another one with more covers from various series.

PEACH MOMOKO is a Japanese illustrator who began exhibiting at US comic conventions back in 2014 and saw American publication with a couple of stories picked up by Grant Morrison when he was EIC of Heavy Metal Magazine. Since then, she has become the hottest cover art variant creator in the business, increasingly in demand, drawing over a dozen covers for American publishers every month.

You can pre-order The Official Horizon Zero Dawn Peach Momoko Poster Portfolio from your local comic shop, Forbidden Planet, and Amazon now with a release date set for September 7. You can check out some of the cover art below:

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