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OOSS Media is Bringing the Fight to Media Entertainment

OOSS Media is Bringing the Fight to Media Entertainment

OOSS Media is Bringing the Fight to Media Entertainment

OOSS Media is bringing the fight to media entertainment. Under the leadership of Ben Conrad, Gilbert Galon, and Jeremy Marinas, the new media company looks to explore the crossover between martial arts, combat sports, action cinema, and pop culture.

OOSS Media has set a foundation with roots in the art of martial arts and filmmaking which sets the stage for content that will create a brand-new scope for fans of martial arts to see the world explored further.

Ben Conrad, co-founder, OOSS Media shares the honor they feel working alongside Galon and Marinas, saying:

“I have a history of building brands through, and around, specific content that caters to niche audiences. So, I am honored to be working alongside Gilbert and Jeremy – as well as an entire team that consists of creatives who are behind some of the highest level of martial arts cinema, as well as true pioneers in digital media – who we are confident will help propel OOSS Media into the martial arts zeitgeist.”

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Gilbert Galon, co-founder and editor in chief, OOSS Media chimed in by sharing that their mission is to not only appeal the core martial arts fans but also a wider audience through their content, saying:

“Our mission is to create content that appeals to both a wider audience and core fans of martial arts. We aim to make content that the martial arts curious can understand and feel welcome, and hopefully we can be the spark that lights up an interest in the genre.”

Jeremy Marinas, CCO and Director, OOSS Media, added:

“We are, first and foremost, fans of martial arts. We are obsessed with everything about it from its representation in pop culture, especially in film and television, to its representation in combat sports entertainment, video games and internet culture.”

The resumes of these individuals are something that should give many hardcore martial arts fans and those just barely honing their kiai should find an appeal or at the very least a curiosity. The new media company is further catapulted onto the scene by the sheer passion they carry in not only their craft but the entire martial arts universe as a whole in both film and life.

Check out OOSS Media’s Exclusive interview:

OOSS Media teamed up with the legendary Scott Adkins for a couple of fun videos ” This is The Time…I Fought Jackie Chan” and “Scott Adkins kicks Benedict Cumberbatch.” Adkins also shares their excitement to be part of the group, saying:

“OOSS is the best online social media resource for martial arts and stunt filmmaking. I am very proud to be part of this amazing group.”

Check out Scott Adkin’s Video Below:

To find out more about OOSS Media, be sure to check out their official site.

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