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Will Ferrell in Talks to Play John Madden in Biopic Film


Will Ferrell in Talks to Play John Madden in Biopic Film

Will Ferrell in Talks to Play John Madden in Biopic Film

Will Ferrell in Talks to Play John Madden in Biopic Film

The upcoming biopic film about the legendary coach and broadcaster John Madden will see director David O. Russell teaming up with Will Ferrell as the actor is attached to the film to portray the iconic face of the Madden NFL video game franchise.

The report from Deadline states that Ferrell is currently in talks for the role and will follow Madden after he steps away from the broadcasting booth to team up with Electronic Arts for what has become one of the biggest sports video game franchises of all time.

The Madden franchise has become a billion-dollar franchise and Madden was a consultant on the franchise. Many may not see Ferrell as a solid fit but the four-time Emmy Award winner has delivered notable performances outside of the typical comedy projects and you don’t have to look too far as his role in Downhill shows his prowess in dramatic roles.

John Madden Biopic Announced

Original story: The legend John Madden has a biopic film in the works. The famed football coach, broadcaster, and face of the NFL‘s video game franchise will get a small-screen adaptation that will chronicle his life and career.

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The late John Madden‘s son Mike Madden had this to say:

“If Dad was still around, and he was looking for a few guys to huddle up and tell his story, he’d be thrilled to have Tom Brady leading the huddle.”

Todd Lieberman, Adam Kolbrenner, Gotham Chopra, Ryan Stowell, Sandy Montag, Alex Young, David Glickman, Kendrick Tan, and Sean Sansiveri are all attached to produce with Henry Cheatham supervising. The film will be written by Alex Sohn.

Madden’s legacy is undeniably one of the greatest in the sports industry. Beginning as a linebackers coach with the Oakland Raiders, he took the reigns as head coach just one year later and led the Raiders to seven divisional titles and a Super Bowl XI victory.

After paving a decade’s worth of winning seasons. Madden retired from coaching and joined the commentary for CBS. That was just the beginning as Madden went on to join the commentary booth of all major broadcast networks and earned sixteen Emmys.

He also became the face of the ongoing and famed video game franchise Madden NFL in which his name, face, voice, and creative input were all a major influence in the series.

John Madden Biopic Miniseries in the Works

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