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Reviewed by Weird - The Mighty Kaaw: The Crowmagnon #1

Comic Books

Reviewed by Weird – The Mighty Kaaw: The Crowmagnon #1

Reviewed by Weird – The Mighty Kaaw: The Crowmagnon #1

Reviewed by Weird – The Mighty Kaaw: The Crowmagnon #1

The Mighty Kaaw: The Crowmagnon #1
Created by: Fish Lee

On the Avian home world of Zion, the Crowmagnons are enslaved by their more technologically evolved masters.  Their mighty wings are shackled to hobble them and keep them docile and prevent rebellion.  Those deemed too stupid or feral to serve as slaves are fed into the meat grinder that is the Avian Arenas to fight and die for the entertainment of the masses… the most powerful and deadly of these warriors is known galaxy-wide as The Mighty KAAW!

If you’re a fan of He-Man, Thundercats, and other similar titles, The Mighty Kaaw: The Crowmagnon is definitely a book you should read!  Fish Lee blends his unique style with an old-school throwback feel that keeps you glued to this book until the very end!  And hell leave you with a cliffhanger that will have you begging for the next book! 

It’s on Kickstarter for a few more days, so click the link below and check it out while you still can!  

Overall experience:

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Chris Dailey
Chris Dailey

A jack of many trades, but a master of none, Chris dabbles in many nerdy hobbies including toy collecting, reading comics, writing fiction, reading novels, and playing video games.  He’s also a huge wrestling fan and knows more about it than most normal people should.  

When he’s not writing or hosting podcasts for Geek Network, he can be found listening to podcasts and hanging out with his wife, his two daughters, and his little dog Gertie.

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