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Okatron: Wrath of Saw-Bot: Christopher Sabat Teams Up With Good Boy Creative Team For New Comic

Okatron: Wrath of Saw-Bot: Christopher Sabat Teams Up With Good Boy Creative Team For New Comic

Okatron: Wrath of Saw-Bot: Christopher Sabat Teams Up With Good Boy Creative Team For New Comic

Source Point Press is set to bring a new comic series in collaboration with Okatron 5000 titled Okatron: Wrath of Saw-Bot. The new comic series will mark the writing debut of Dragon Ball‘s Christopher Sabat. Sabat has become an icon as a voice actor and has lent his voice to characters such as Vegeta, Piccolo, Kazuma Kuwabara, Alex Louis Armstrong, All Might, and Roronoa Zoro.

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Sabat will be teaming up with the superstar creative team of the comic series Good Boy. Sabat will co-write Okatron alongside writer Garrett Gunn with art by Kit Wallis, letters by Dave Lentz, and Christina Blanch serving as editor.

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CBR dropped the exclusive cover reveal that shares the following description:

“On the run from the Galactic threat known as Saw Bot. A Dying Okratron 400 Flees to Earth in hopes of finding a replacement to inherit his mantle.”

Gunn also shared his praises for Sabat and his contributions to the anime community, saying:

“Working with Chris is a dream. His impact on the voice acting and the anime community is immense, and it’s been a thrilling ride collaborating with him to bring Okratron to life in the realm of comics!” Wallis also remarked on the series, “I know very few people as passionate about their craft, their community, and their fans as Chris is. I know that he will bring that same infectious energy to this book, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Sabat has been a legend in the anime community and pop culture fandom for over 20 years and has given a voice to some of our favorite characters. Pair that with the creative genius of Gunn, Wallis, Lentz, and Blanch, who delivered a break-out hit with Good Boy that delivered an outside-the-box love letter to the action genre and you have a formula for another hit series coming to comic shelves this year.

Okraton: Wrath of Saw-Bot will be available at your favorite at your local comic shop and digitally in the fall of 2022.

Okatron: Wrath of Saw-Bot

Source: CBR

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