Bungie and Numskull Designs are bringing Destiny 2 Fallen plushies to gamers.

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Bungie has set preorders of the baby plushies they will be selling that shocked fans during the Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer reveal.

The plushies can be preordered at the Bungie store page, which says it’s “coming soon,” and the shipping estimation confirms it’ll be out this year.

Now, we may have another Baby Yoda craze on our hands, so unless you want to be the odd geek out, you should really jump on the preorders now as it only took Bungie 3 days after the reveal to announce these which probably shows that they hoped we would be all in for these adorable little things. Unless you’re channeling your inner Anakin Skywalker, in which case, shame on you!

The new season kicks off Tuesday, May 11 and is bringing us over 20 new guns and the comeback tour of the Vault of Glass Raid on May 22nd, so get ready by getting your very own adorable plushie with glow in the dark eyes!

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