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Nightingale Early Access Delayed To 2023

Nightingale Early Access Delayed To 2023

Nightingale Early Access Delayed To 2023

Inflexion Games has announced that their Victorian first-person survival game Nightingale will have its early access delayed to the first half of 2023. Nightingale is set to be the debut title for the developer and even with a talented team that consists of former Bioware developers, the ambitious project they have taken on is sure to come with its hurdles.

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The developers took to social media to make the announcement and noted that there were two reasons for the delay. First, they will be looking to migrate Nightingale to Unreal Engine 5 which should be welcome news for a game that already looked exquisite in the previous footage.

Secondly, the developers need more time to that Nightingale has sufficient content and is polished before players enter early access and begin testing it. Read the full message below:

Nightingale Early Access Delayed To 2023

Nightingale is set to arrive in the first half of 2023 and is only confirmed to launch on PC but stay tuned as more information becomes available. Check out the previously released gameplay trailer below:

Source: Inflexion Games

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1 Comment

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