Eli Roth has added another cast member to his Borderlands film adaption. Florian Munteanu is set to take on the role of Krieg, who is a Psycho class character in the game. Munteanu previously starred in Creed II and is a former heavyweight boxer.


Roth said in a statement,

“Florian brings real humanity and multiple layers to a character who on the surface seems totally insane and brutally savage. Krieg was by far the most difficult role to cast, and Florian brought him to life and grounded him in a way that I didn’t know was possible. He’s going to be a brilliant Krieg and will fit in perfectly with our incredible cast.”

Munteanu will join the previously cast Cate Blanchett as Lilith, a siren and legendary thief equipped with magical skills; Kevin Hart as ex-soldier-turned-mercenary Roland; Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis, an archeologist on Pandora who might have the key to finding the vault, but she has a complicated history with Lilith. Then there’s Jack Black, who will play the robot companion Claptrap.

Here’s the synopsis from the game:

In a distant future, the planets at the outer edges of the galaxy have become a beacon to fortune seekers and those yearning for a better life off world. But there are no guarantees in deep space. Pandora, one of these distant planets, was reported to be rich in untapped mineral wealth, and so drew many hoping to get rich quick, but in the end little was found beyond the scattered ruins of a past alien civilization.

With nothing to gain, any who could soon abandoned Pandora, leaving those who remained to deal with the lawlessness of a world gone bust, and the mystery of the long-dead alien civilization. But as chaotic as these times were, there were worse days yet to come. After several years the planet’s huge orbit slowly brought it near to its sun and once unknown and horrifying creatures sprang from their long hibernation to terrify the stranded colonists.

The only hope of the colonists seems to be a vault discovered in the side of a mountainside, rumored to contain alien technology and secrets about Pandora.

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