Vibrant Adventure Awaits In New VIVO Trailer For Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Animated Netflix Musical.

New VIVO Trailer

Netflix has released a full trailer for its vibrant new animated musical titled Vivo, which features all-new original songs from Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The film will take audiences on an epic adventure from Havana, Cuba to Miami. The story centers on Vivo, a one-of-kind kinkajou, a.k.a. a rainforest “honey bear,” voiced by Miranda. He spends his days performing music in front of crowds in a lively square with his owner Andrés. He ends up embarking on a journey from Havana to Miami in order to deliver a love song for Andrés to an old fling who is looking to reconnect. Vivo does this with the help of a young girl who befriends him.

The film stars Buena Vista Social Club’s Juan de Marcos González as Andrés, Gloria Estefan as Marta, Ynairaly Simo as Gabi, Zoe Saldana as Rosa, Michael Rooker as Lutador, Brian Tyree Henry & Nicole Byer as a pair of spoonbills, plus Katie Lowes, Olivia Trujillo, and Lidya Jewett.

Vivo was directed by Kirk DeMicco (Space Chimps, The Croods), and is co-directed by artist Brandon Jeffords, who is making his feature directorial debut. It looks like it’ll be a charming film that the kids will enjoy.

Netflix will release the movie on August 6th, 2021.

Source: Netflix

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