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New Elden Ring Update Will Finally Give Players Access to Colosseums

New Elden Ring Update Will Finally Give Players Access to Colosseums

New Elden Ring Update Will Finally Give Players Access to Colosseums

From Software has announced a new PvP update coming to Elden Ring tomorrow that will give players access to the colosseums that have been inaccessible since the launch of the game. The free PvP update will open the doors with the update titled Colosseum Update 1.08.

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Players who have been enjoying their death-filled adventures on Elden Ring have likely come across the locked colosseums in Caelid, Limgrave, and Leyndell. With the new update, these arenas will now serve as a fighting ground for players who will be able to enter in team battles, free-for-all fights, and one-on-one duels. No details have been revealed on whether success in the arenas will yield rewards other than bragging rights but what more could you want?

New Elden Ring Update

With The Game Awards premiering this week, Elden Ring might be set to make headlines once again as the celebrated and successful launch of the title will surely lead to some awards this week. Before you enjoy The Game Awards on December 8, 2022. Be sure to test your skills in the arenas when the update goes live tomorrow.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: From Software

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1 Comment

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