MONSTER HUNTER RISE Getting Massive Expansion Titled SUNBREAK – The expansion for the Switch-exclusive title will arrive in 2022

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Getting Massive Expansion Titled SUNBREAK

Kicking off yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was the reveal of new content for the Switch-exclusive Monster Hunter Rise. Titled Sunbreak, this new content package is a “massive expansion” for Monster Hunter Rise and will arrive in 2022.

The brief look was only about a minute long but felt so much shorter. The world of Sunbreak featured a moonlit castle, a shot of Rathalos soaring through the dark purple skies, and the reveal of what looks to be a new flying wyvern with crimson wings and a dark air about it. 

Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi provided small details about the expansion after the trailer. He said Capcom is working on bringing many new elements to Monster Hunter Rise for the expansion. Sunbreak will include new stories, locals, monsters, new hunting actions, and questing ranks for players to explore. Because it’s an expansion, Sunbreak will be a paid DLC, which is different than the free updates players have received this year.

Source: Nintendo/Youtube

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