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Maná Lindo Y Querido Tour at the T-Mobile Arena Continues Mexican Independence Celebration

Maná Lindo Y Querido Tour at the T-Mobile Arena Continues Mexican Independence Celebration

Over 40 years in the industry, here’s to another 40 more, Maná is at it again ahead of a planned album releasing in 2024. Traveling across the US on their LINDO Y QUERIDO TOUR 2023, they’ve still got it when it comes to putting on a show.

Based on their performance at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Maná continued the celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day, frontman Fher Olvera even pointing out all of the Mexican flags in the crowd with a spotlight, calling out over 80 throughout the arena. Though they are a Mexican band, they repeatedly thanked the non-Mexican attendees for their support.

Once the lights went out, the crowd roared with excitement as the screen that was blocking the main stage lifted, which was used to display information on their Selva Negra Ecological Foundation which supports environmental projects like saving the sea turtles.

Banger after banger, consider Maná’s career as the hit series One Piece; they just keep going and the quality does not falter. Halfway through the concert all but drummer Alex González, nicknamed El Animal due to his ferocious drumming style, exit the stage and he begins a wild drum solo which seems to last for at least 3 minutes. Once the crowd erupts with applause and cheer, he shakes his head as if we are lacking in excitement.

His remedy? Divide and conquer; like most things in life, we love to compete. So when he splits the arena into the left side and the right side to see which is louder, the decibels really start peaking. The entire platform his drum kit is on begins to rotate to stage left and the crowd goes berserk. Another drum solo for multiple minutes and a burst of applause once again. Now, time to see what the other side has to offer.

The platform begins to rotate to stage right while another drum solo begins. Once this solo ends, he unites the entire arena by continuing with another powerful solo while the entire platform rotates 360 degrees. El Animal is basically the drummer version of The Incredible Hulk with his endless stamina, performing drum solos for approximately 15 minutes straight halfway through the concert.

Once the solos end, the band appears at a smaller stage on the opposite end of the arena for a more intimate set of songs. On 2 separate occasions, Fher invites a member of the crowd to be serenaded on this stage. With hugs, handshakes, and of course selfies, the band ends the intimate performance. But not without another drum solo and dance by El Animal while the rest of the members make their way to the main stage for the final stretch of the show.

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Not to be outdone by the first half, the second half of the show is just as high-energy. Maybe the key ingredient is charity work? By visiting you can find out for yourself. And if you would like to experience Maná, visit before their final show of 2023 in Los Angeles, California on December 2.

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