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Aaron Lopresti Talks Bringing the Wraith of God to the Co

Aaron Lopresti Talks Bringing the Wraith of God to the Co

We had the chance to speak with Aaron Lopresti. A double threat. An individual who can both write and illustrate. We talked about him launching an indie label and crowdsourcing his work, plus all the obstacles he had to overcome, and what it is like writing a sequel and crowdfunding a project.

Aaron originally started writing in the late 80’s early 90’s, when he had aspirations to become a screenwriter for Hollywood. The rest is history because he derived from that and started writing for comics. In the interview, we dived deep into what it’s like working for the “big two” and the biggest differences between the two, and lastly, what it’s like working for an independent company. We also had a chance to discuss his recent Indiegogo comic project, the graphic novel Wraith of God.

Wraith of God found life through crowdfunding on Indiegogo with Empire Comics. The graphic novel boasted over 72 pages all crafted by Lopresti himself who has had a hand in some of the most notable characters we love such as The Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, and The Justice League.

Now, with his own label at his disposal, he has crafted a story taking us back to 1883 when Wraith and Esther teamed up to bring down Count Korvac a Nosferatu-looking being, who is dead set on ruling the world! As the story continues our two heroes will build and grow their relationship and also define it as they try to bring down the Count.

Read the full story description here:

In the American west of 1883, the WRAITH is a mysterious hero with a dark past who is relentlessly driven to administer the wrath of God on the evil supernatural forces that contaminate the land.   A master of illusion and disguise, the Wraith is aided by a former Salvation Army worker named Esther who frequently finds herself at odds with her mentor .  It’s a race against time and death as together they try to stop a pack of werewolves from obtaining a mystical amulet that will make them invincible.

Aaron always wanted to do a twist on the monsters we know and love and create his own universe with them, especially after getting the rights back from Garbage Man. A character created to replace Swamp Thing, while working for certain companies. Wraith of God brings back includes Garbage Man as a one-shot.

You can check out the full interview below to find out more about Lopresti’s work and the wrath that Wraith has brought down to evil forces!

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