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Madden NFL 23 Getting Revamped Franchise Mode

Madden NFL 23 Getting Revamped Franchise Mode

Madden NFL 23 Getting Revamped Franchise Mode

EA has released information regarding some serious upgrades coming to Madden NFL 23. The revamped franchise mode looks to improve the experience that has been lackluster for years now in the popular franchise. In a news blog, the studio gave a deep dive into what players can expect to see in the upcoming entry in Madden NFL, including “all-new Free Agency feature, how Player Motivations and Player Tags are bringing more authenticity to Franchise mode, Scouting upgrades that were driven by player feedback, and more.”

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The upgrades to Franchise Mode include a new look to free agency, negotiations, motivations, and player tags. Players will now have additional evaluation periods, player motivations, and the salary cap will have additional functions all geared towards improving the franchise mode experience with players gaining more control over building their franchise team. Players will also see a visually enhanced Free Agency hub that aims to keep a clean look with the most relevant information at the forefront. Negotiation and evaluations will also be more active as this will give you more control while also putting more pressure on you as the owner of the team.

Active negotiations will be staggered to give all teams an opportunity to get top talent while holding back the top teams from nabbing all notable and valuable players off the board in the first stages. Teams will get the opportunity to offer five players a contract in the first stage while the second stage will go up to 10 offers, and finally, the third stage will have no limit to the contracts you can offer.

Evaluations will see a change in which players can make three offers weekly and let players “accept/decline contracts or not make a final decision without the need for the week to be advanced.” This gives you an opportunity to retain players without having to continuously advance weeks in the season.

Madden NFL 23 Getting Revamped Franchise Mode

The next big addition to free agency will be Player Motivations. Each player will have three motivations linked to them. These motivations will play a role in which team they are interested in and can range from wanting to be in Super Bowl contention, scheme fit, to a tax-free state, or being close to their home. This will minimize one team clearing the board simply because they have deep pockets as some players might consider a pay cut if it means a shot at a championship. Check out the full list of Motivations below:

  • Super Bowl Chase
  • Historic Championships
  • Head Coach Historic Record
  • Scheme Fit
  • Top the Depth Chart
  • Team Has Franchise QB
  • Mentor at Position
  • Close to Home
  • Big Market
  • Tax Free State
  • Warm Weather State
  • Highest Offer

Player Tags will also affect your players and team and will be dynamic meaning that they will update weekly depending on the performance of the specific player or team. Check out the full list of Player Tags below:

  • Award Winner: Players who have won yearly awards will draw more interest during Free Agency, creating heated competition to land the biggest available names.
  • Franchise QB: The top QBs and those poised to take the league by storm will hold a prized position with their team. Not only will they appeal to certain Motivations, teams will not look to replace them via Free Agency or the Draft.
  • Bridge QB: Journeyman Quarterbacks filling the most important role for a team. These players will keep the seat warm as the team looks to Draft the next heir to the throne.
  • QB of the Future: Recently drafted and ready to take the reins. These Quarterbacks will be given starting roles as they get close in OVR to the current starter.
  • Day 1 Starter: Elite players ready to make a difference on the field the moment they are drafted. They will be given starter priority and will secure their position, causing the team to look elsewhere in future Drafts.
  • Future Starter: These developing players have high ceilings, but may not be ready to play right away. While they wait for their turn to start, they will gain extra XP during Weekly Training.
  • Bridge Player: Filling in the gaps across the roster, these players will either allow for split time with up and comers or signal the need for the team to upgrade this position in the Draft.
  • Mentor: Veteran leadership cannot be understated. Weekly Training XP boosts will be given to all players that share a position with a Mentor.
  • Trade Target: Whether a young player without a realistic shot at a starting spot or a veteran without a needed hole to fill, these players will be placed on the team’s Trade Block in search of a better fit.

Finally, Scouting, Draft Classes, and the Franchise Hub will also see changes as over 50 scouts join Madden NFL 23 and players will be able to scout multiple positions at each stage with improvements to the revealed attributes and information gathered for college prospects. Thirty new templates will be added to the upcoming Draft Classes with Generational Prospects, 99 Club Prospects, High Variance Prospects, Specialist Prospects, and more being added to the mix. The Franchise Hub will now feature your team’s primary color and logo and will feature updates to the Activity Feed, Scouting, and more.

Madden NFL 23 will release on August 19th, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the trailer highlighting the Franchise deep dive:

Source: EA

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