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Mad Cave Studios Secures Flash Gordon License

Comic Books

Mad Cave Studios Secures Flash Gordon License

Mad Cave Studios Secures Flash Gordon License

Mad Cave Studios Secures Flash Gordon License

An iconic comic strip has found new life as Mad Cave Studios secures Flash Gordon license and announces a publishing line dedicated to the iconic universe that will encompass new stories, reprints of previously released comics, graphic novels, and much more. The new partnership with King Features Syndicate has opened the doors to a new lineup of content that will benefit not only the publisher but readers as well.

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The legendary American comic strip, Flash Gordon, is set to return to the comics and graphic novel world in 2024 with the release of the first Flash Gordon stories. Drawing inspiration from the work of Alex Raymond, the series has been a staple of space adventure and heroic adventures since its inception in 1934 and has captivated readers around the world with its captivating storytelling, artwork, and iconic characters.

Christina Lynch, King Features Licensing Director, shared their delight to partner with Mad Cave, saying:

“As one of the first action heroes Flash Gordon has always been powerhouse in the comics universe. We’re delighted to have a partner like Mad Cave Studios on board who are true Flash fans as well as publishing experts. This program will bring a long-awaited, regular stream of new and legacy content to generations of readers.”

Mark Irwin, Mad Cave Senior Vice President, added:

From the incredible art of Alex Raymond to the adventures of the Defenders of the Earth, and on to the cult classic Sam Jones-led film, Flash Gordon is an integral part of both the history of comics and the actual DNA of storytelling. Mad Cave and King Features are not only happy to be working together to bring Flash to our readers but also to grow the Flash Gordon legacy.”

As part of this partnership, King Features will bring fans of Flash Gordon new and original content, while Mad Cave Studios and Papercutz will work together to preserve and make available timeless classics. This collaboration provides an opportunity to bring the world of Flash Gordon to a new generation of fans, no matter their age.

CMO of Mad Cave, Allison Pond shared the honor felt to continue the Flash Gordon legacy, saying:

“We are thrilled to announce the official partnership between Mad Cave Studios and King Features in publishing Flash Gordon comics and graphic novels. We are honored to collaborate with King Features to continue the legacy of this iconic series and deliver exciting adventures to readers of all ages.” 

Flash Gordon has long been a staple in sci-fi in all capacities and extends to all mediums of entertainment consumed. Whether you followed the adventures through the comic strip or Sam Jones portraying the beloved character on film as he fought the tyranny of Ming the Merciless to save Earth.

Mad Cave Studios Secures Flash Gordon

Keep an eye out as we begin to see content from the Flash Gordon universe begin to roll out in 2024.

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1 Comment

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