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Mad Cave Studios Joins Lunar Distribution

Mad Cave Studios Joins Lunar Distribution

Mad Cave Studios Joins Lunar Distribution

Comic book publisher Mad Cave Studios, known for big titles like Wolvenheart, Battlecats, and Nottingham, announced they are adding Lunar Distribution to their network for delivery to local comic shops.

“Lunar Distribution has shown Mad Cave Studios a tangible excitement in regard to the comic book market. Lunar’s focus on providing amazing customer service to retailers and Publishers alike, aligns perfectly with Mad Cave’s goals moving forward. Mad Cave is thrilled to be partnering with Lunar, a company that fought through adversity to shock the world, just like us,” said Christopher Fernandez, Publisher of Mad Cave Studios

Mad Cave will join Lunar Distribution with Mark London’s new title Hunt. Kill. Repeat. in March 2023 and the new run of Nottingham, Nottingham Anthology #1. Their partnership will also expand further with titles Dahlia in the Dark #3, Nature’s Labyrinth #4, Battlecats Legacy #5, and The Tiger’s Tongue Vol. 1.

“We are very excited to add Mad Cave to the Lunar family. They have shown tremendous growth and an eye for reaching a new type of reader,” said Lunar Distribution co-founder Christina Merkler. “We look forward to partnering with them to provide content to retailers that consumers are craving and to grow the overall readership in the direct market.”

Mad Cave Studios is still working with Diamond for the direct market but will expand by adding Lunar Distribution.

“Lunar Distribution represents another step in Mad Cave’s evolution to become a full-service publisher, catering to all markets,” said Mark Irwin, Mad Cave Senior Vice President.

Mad Cave has quite a line-up for 2023 so be sure to check out their titles on their website or at your favorite local comic book shop.

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