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Lamb of God Brings an Emphatic Metal Wave to the Desert Southwest

Lamb of God Brings an Emphatic Metal Wave to the Desert Southwest

Lamb of God brought metal to the desert Southwest as part of The Omens Tour. The veterans in the metal scene have paved the way for many who enjoy the chaotic energy resonating from the stage and this time around, they enlisted the help of the equally impressive Killswitch Engage who both now have 20 years of experience and set the foundation of the new wave of American heavy metal music. In what proved to be a showcase that highlighted every single strum of a guitar along with the bass and drum sounds that distorted the venue through the vigorous vocals. This was yet another defining show for not only Lamb of God but the entire genre as a whole.

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After 28 years Lamb of God still proves to be one of the biggest heavy hitters of metal. They brought a simple set to Phoenix but managed to occupy every piece of that stage. From pyrotechnics to the enthusiastic charismatic energy, and mic-swinging energy that Randy Blythe brought to the heavy drums pounding away from the talented Art Cruz. Lamb of God proved that they’re still veterans in the metal game, and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Many have said that metal is dying but Lamb of God proved that Metal is still very much alive and won’t be going anywhere.

Two decades ago, Lamb of God, along with Killswitch Engage, were a part of a new wave of American heavy metal music. Our scene grew from a small, loosely connected network of underground shows in basements and warehouses, into a global phenomenon that helped define an entire generation of modern heavy metal. We are thrilled to announce The Omens Tour, which celebrates not only the perseverance and impact of that original movement, but also the creativity and originality of the bands that it influenced. Heavy metal is alive and well. The Omens Tour proudly showcases the depth and diversity of our scene. This is not a tour to miss. – Mark Morton

To find more on Lamb of God including their singles Nevermore and Omens, or to find a show near you, visit their official website.

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