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Jock Announces Creator-Owned Series GONE At DSTLRY

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Jock Announces Creator-Owned Series GONE At DSTLRY

Jock Announces Creator-Owned Series GONE At DSTLRY

Jock Announces Creator-Owned Series GONE At DSTLRY

Acclaimed artist Jock, who previously worked on titles such as Batman, is now gearing up to write and draw his own sci-fi epic GONE in collaboration with the new powerhouse publisher DSTLRY. The up-and-coming publisher which was founded by masterminds Chip Mosher and David Steinberger formerly of ComiXology, tirelessly working on bringing a new experience for creators and readers alike.

The publisher has been giving fans more and more information on their first release, The Devil’s Cut but now, we get to see a bit more of what is headed to reader’s pull boxes.

Jock spoke with EW during San Diego Comic-Con about the upcoming sci-fi series which will be a story spinning out of the anthology The Devil’s Cut. Coming to local comic shops as an oversized issue with a whopping 48 pages, Jock will be wearing many hats for Gone as he will be writing, illustrating, and coloring the series. It will join the growing slate of exciting titles joining the October lineup.

Taking place on a distant planet. Gone will follow 13-year-old Abi who lives on a destitute planet that sees its inhabitants earn a living by resupplying starships. Abi yearns for new prospers and that leads Abi and friends to hitch a ride on a luxury space-liner as stowaways. Not all is as it seems though, and Abi’s decision leads to a dangerous situation where her life hangs in the balance.

  • Gone 2
  • Gone 1
  • F0r3lAyaEAAhOF0

Jock’s art has been featured in many beloved series as well as some of our favorite characters on top of Batman which includes Green Arrow, Judge Dredd, and Constantine. It will be suited to see Jock take this story to the dystopia of space as we are set to experience a series completely crafted by Jock’s creative prowess that is surely to be out of this world.

This is one that you can take to the bank right now but if you need more convincing, DSTLRY is here to give you that nudge with the preview pages they released on their Instagram account. Check it out below:

DSTLRY has been making waves and has already built quite a reputation right out of the gate. Much of that is their mission statement that sheds light on creator rights and challenges some of the industry standards that don’t quite benefit creators going all the way up to some of the most notable publishers. They also have a list of high-profile creators who have joined which includes Mirka Andolfo, Becky Cloonan, Scott Snyder, Brian Azzarello, Jamie McKelvie, James Tynion IV, Ram V, Stephanie Phillips, and many more.

Gone #1 will be available at your favorite local comic shop and digitally this October.

Jackie Daytona
Jackie Daytona

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