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Sidney Davidson On the imPURRfect Universe They Have Built in Their First Kickstarter

Sidney Davidson On the imPURRfect Universe They Have Built in Their First Kickstarter

imPURRfect, the captivating sci-fi/adventure series by Sidney Davidson now live on Kickstarter! This unique story follows Bruno, a cat who idolizes his owner Josiah, and their peaceful life indoors. However, when Josiah becomes obsessed with the idea of achieving success through hard work and money, their relationship takes an unexpected turn.

After a traumatic encounter with “Fat Laila,” one of the many beasts roaming the streets, Josiah dives into motivational videos by an entrepreneur/influencer named King CEO. Meanwhile, Bruno is left to navigate his own path, which ultimately transforms their bond and challenges the myths they cling to for coping.


Sidney Davidson, the creator of “imPURRfect,” shares how this series seeks to explore the contradictions we all face and the flawed narratives we rely on to cope with life’s challenges. Through a captivating blend of intricate line work, rich colors, and a fun, creative storytelling approach, this series aims to offer readers a more substantial and engaging exploration of these themes.

Join Bruno and Josiah on their thrilling adventure by supporting the imPURRfect Kickstarter campaign. Get ready to embark on a journey that is described as Winnie the Pooh blended with Rick & Morty.

We had the chance to speak with the creator of imPURRfect and gauge how such a unique idea came to life. Check out the interview below:

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Thank you for taking the time to speak with me for Geek Network. I’d like to start at the beginning, as the best stories do. How did you start in comics?

I studied Sequential Art and illustration at art school. I realized I had more strengths as a sequential artist, and the ideas and themes I wanted to work with could be more easily conveyed through comics.  I made a book a few years ago.  It did well on ComiXology, that being said, I didn’t have much to say at the time.

My new book, imPURRfect, is my first real book that I am promoting and taking seriously because I put so much of my heart into it.

Take us through the process because what drew me to this book was that it was described as Rick and Morty meets Winnie the Pooh (with cats). How did that mash-up happen? 

The mashup wasn’t very conscious. I grew up watching a lot of Adult Swim, way before Rick and Morty.  I always loved the belligerent stupidity, and the off-the-wall and unexpected absurdity in shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sea Lab 2021.  I made it sci-fi because I wanted it to be in a futuristic city that feels like it’s on the edge of falling apart.

As for the Winnie the Pooh element, this is a story about relationships and needs. What does it mean to be a friend?  What does it mean to be there for other people? What does it mean to make this an important part of life as an adult?  What dilemmas does that create?

When I see other stories, lots of times, there is all this tension in their relationships from the emotional contradictions and subtle/minor betrayals, but instead of reconciling, they come together to fend off zombies or whatever.  In real life, though, those contradictions and betrayals can cause destructive rifts. 

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I love that this book comes from trying to find and develop self-care tools. As someone who struggles with mental health issues, I really found this book concept to be a healthy way to address those topics without turning it into a stereotypical self-help book. What do you hope your readers take away from this?

imPURRfect is born out of wisdom I derived as I tried to transform myself into a less compulsive, more loving person.  All I had before was anger, and I don’t see a lot of people who were as unhinged as I was growing out of it, so I think I have something to offer.

I can’t come up with a self-care regimen for people to follow or anything like that.  But I do want to help pull down the major barrier.  I want readers to come away with a full appreciation of needs.  There is a tendency to identify neediness with a victimhood mentality, with self-pity, and unhealthy dependence.  We all need to feel safe, we all need emotional validation, we all need rapport with people we respect and love. 

When we don’t seek to meet these needs consciously and in a life-affirming way, we will do it unconsciously and destructively.  When we see needy people, they will remind us of our own longing, and we will antagonize them for it.  We should love our needs.  We should love them because it feels so good when they are met, and we can love so much better.

The art I’ve seen in the book is both silly and sweet. What inspirations did you draw on or is this just all from your own mind circus?

Thanks for the kind words!  Much of this is a mind circus, but I was definitely inspired by Geof Darrow.  I love his drawing style, I think it’s hilarious in its excessiveness and I kind of wanted to have a little bit of that in my book.  I was also inspired by Edgar P. Jacobs who did this Franco Belgian comic called Blake and Mortimer.  The comic can get pretty dark conceptually (or it least I plan on it getting that way), so I wanted to pick a style that was charming.  Otherwise, I feel like I would lose people.

Kickstarters are rough. What guidance can you provide others in this space who are hoping to get their book funded?

This is my first.  Fortunately, I have a famous internet cat with a huge following on Facebook (her name is Fat Laila).  So I feel comfort from that.  Otherwise, I haven’t been shy about asking folks for help and some guidance.  Hopefully, that pays off.

imPURRfect in the best possible world is going to get fully funded without a single problem. What is next for the series and the characters?

In the best possible world, I have plans for issues two and three so far.  In issue two, Bruno (the cat) gets a job at a place that builds military weapons, but it’s run by hipsters who think it’s really important for life/work integration so they can play skeeball and skateboard at the office.

Where can people follow your work and get updates on imPURRfect?

Instagram: @sidney_davidson_illustration
Twitter/X: @SDavidsonArt
Facebook: Fat Laila

It’s silly but I think it’s important: What animal do you think you could take in a fight? 

I’ve thought about this.  I want to train alongside a Chimpanzee in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and then eventually take it on.  Apparently, you can grapple really hard in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so nobody can get really hurt.  Also, I want a Chimpanzee rival.  That being said, I would have to really train, and start taking anabolic steroids to keep up.  Chimp’s are strong!

Sabrina A. Clark
Sabrina A. Clark

Sabrina Clark

Do I know Sabrina? Sabrina…Sabrina….Oh, you mean her? Yeahh. She’s wild. Homegirl throws solo dance parties in her bedroom. She writes like nobody’s reading…because they aren’t (yet). She is an award winning baker, and has seen every episode of every season of ALL the Star Treks, and Stargates except Stargate Universe because it wasn’t right. Perpetual teenager. 4’11 of sass and sarcasm. She’s obsessed with cats. Single if you can believe it. All around nerd, and just too weird for her own good. AND SHE’S PROUD OF IT? 

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