Image Comics Workers Have Announced That They Have Formed A Union

Image Comics Workers Have Announced That They Have Formed A Union

Image Comics Workers Have Announced That They Have Formed A Union

Employers of the publisher Image Comics have started the process of forming a union. As explained in a series of tweets which you can see below, the newly organized Comic Book Workers United laid out the employees’ collective goals as well as the demands as a union.

Comic Book Workers United’s goal is to organize and bring together Image Comics staffers that work behind the scenes on production and comic book publishing.

“We, the workers of Image Comics, have formed a union. For years, comics publishing workers have watched our professional efforts support creators and delight readers,” CBWU’s statement reads on Twitter. 

“Sadly, we have also watched that same labor be taken for granted at best and exploited at worst. Our workforce, and the comic book and publishing industry as a whole, is overtaxed and undervalued,” it continues. “This is detrimental not only to general staff but also to the creators we are paid to serve and the audiences they in turn work to entertain.”

They go on to share in their statement that the work done behind the scenes in comics is key to the production and publication of comic books. They further explain that the current state of the working conditions that are faced by employees who have joined the union is detrimental to not only their well-being but to the end product that is being put out for Image’s publications.

“In the early stages of organizing, we looked to Image’s founders for inspiration. Their dreams of self-determination and more equitable treatment in the industry they loved and helped make successful are also our dreams,” reads their statement. 

“We are honored to grow their legacy by taking this step to give all comic book industry professionals, regardless of title, the same rights, guarantees, security, and protections which the founders sought when they broke away from the big two to start their own company.”

Image Comics released a statement yesterday responding to CBWU’s announcement saying:

“Image has always believed in the fair and equitable treatment of staff and has always strived to support employees to the best of our company’s ability with regard to their employment.”

You can read the entire statement for yourself on Comic Book Workers United’s website.

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