The highly anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn promises new action, gorgeous new locales, and so much more, and we’ll finally get to see some of that stunning gameplay live later this week.

Horizon Forbidden West

The latest PlayStation State of Play kicks off on May 27 at 2 p.m. Pacific / 4 p.m. Central. Forbidden West game director Mathijs de Jonge promises 20 minutes of exclusive content, including 14 minutes of brand-new gameplay that has never been seen before. All of the gameplay shown will be shown using the power of the PlayStation 5.

You can follow along with the Aloy reveal over on Twitch and YouTube at the respective links for those interested in watching. 

We haven’t gotten a look at Horizon Forbidden West since last year when they showed off the ray tracing technology and open world that our protagonist Aloy will be exploring. Everything shown so far has been absolutely breathtaking and the PS5’s power allowing for the “no loading screens” feature makes it all the more impressive.

Forbidden West will act as the direct sequel to the original Horizon Zero Dawn and will continue to follow Aloy’s journey. It appears that massive storms have destroyed the land. From what was shown in the reveal trailer, it looks like Horizon Forbidden West will feature some new gameplay mechanics, like diving underwater, for example. There will also be a plethora of new creatures for her to interact with and new monsters to fight, including an awesome-looking robotic elephant.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge success for the PlayStation 4 lineup when it was first released back in February of 2017. It’s dual-nature setting with futuristic technology in a more tribal society made the parallels between the two worlds interesting for the game’s narrative. More than that, however, was Aloy herself. Forced to overcome great struggles at such a young age, her strength is in more than just fighting. Her kindness, despite being treated as an outsider, never wavered. Her desire to help while also being strong enough to lay down personal boundaries was nothing short of inspiring. I can’t wait to see what this character does next. If it’s even half as enticing as its predecessor, we’re in for a world of enjoyment when Horizon Forbidden West finally releases.

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