Netflix will host a special showcase in June with first looks at The Witcher 2 and The Cuphead Show.

Netflix Geeked Week

Netflix Geeked, which serves as Netflix’s sister site to Netflix’s main Twitter account teased the upcoming live-streamed event. The showcase will be called ‘Geeked Week,’ and is set to stream from June 7th – 11th. Netflix is hosting the stream with  “big news, exciting first looks, and more from the shows and films you love.”

We are not sure how much information we will get on some of these Netflix properties, but we do know that The Witcher 2 has wrapped filming on season 2, so there’s hope for a trailer or release date! The Cuphead Show has also been a source of interest, though little is known about it outside of its initial reveal and a brief teaser at the design behind the upcoming adaptation. 

Regarding when the showcase will take place, we don’t know yet. We only have the dates at this time, but hopefully, Netflix will be sharing more details here soon. 

I am definitely interested to see what kind of showcase Netflix puts together. If this is successful, we could see Netflix adapting a new format on how they present things to the fans and are able to reach MANY more fans with such a huge focus on streaming events. Toss a coin to Netflix for changing things up.

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