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Harley Quinn Gets New Creative Team in 2023

Harley Quinn Gets New Creative Team in 2023

Harley Quinn Gets New Creative Team in 2023

Harley Quinn is set to get a new creative team in 2023 starting with Harley Quinn #28. Writer Tini Howard and artist Sweeney Boo will be jumping into the mind of Harley as they take the reigns from writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Matteo Lolli when their run ends with Harley Quinn #27.

The Clown Princess of Crime is celebrating 30 years since they made their debut in Batman: The Animated Series. Originally an unnamed Joker henchman, it was the creativity and talent of Arleen Sorkin that brought to life the personality of Harley that has led to countless entries in all mediums as she now stands as one of the most famous DC Comics characters.

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DC also announced as part of the celebration that they will be holding a special pop-up celebrating three decades of Harley on October 7th, 2022 at New York Comic Con. There will be a food truck outside the Javits Center for those attending the convention where they can get some free breakfast and cupcakes! There will also be some free Harley Quinn comics and merchandise.

Those not attending the convention can still get their hands on some Harley Quinn merchandise by visiting the publisher’s online shop as it has partnered with BoxLunch, Unique Vintage, and RSVLTS for a product line commemorating the 30-year anniversary.

Harley Quinn Gets New Creative Team

Source: DC Comics

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