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Geek Network Top 10: Best Comics of 2022

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Geek Network Top 10: Best Comics of 2022

Geek Network Top 10: Best Comics of 2022

Geek Network Top 10: Best Comics of 2022

2022 was yet another great year for comics. From Marvel and DC Comics continuing to deliver in their expansive universes and throwing us some delightful curveballs with unique takes on popular heroes as we saw in Jurassic League to the indie publishers who not only took some notable universes to new heights but also managed to introduce readers to phenomenal new stories which led to be highlights throughout the year.

Check out our top 10 comics of 2022 below:

Best Comics of 2022 We Have Demons

10. We Have Demons

Two things, Scott Snyder, and Greg Capullo. That alone should be enough to give you faith in this comic series. Originally a ComiXology original series, the horror series came to print through Dark Horse in 2022 and brought the conflict between good and evil to physical form. Snyder balances a journey involving a teenage hero, a secret society, and monsters to bring mayhem in a way only he and Capullo can.

It’s a truly rewarding experience as a reader when you can feel the creators are clearly having fun making a series and the balance of humor and the humanity of the series encompassed in a horror action series delivered a dazzling series that is enjoyable from cover to cover.

Best Comics of 2022 Clementine: Book One

9. Clementine: Book One

The Walking Dead has made its way through just about all mediums imaginable. Starting as a comic book series then jumping to the small screen to the beloved Telltale video game series and now back to comics with the graphic novel released this year. Tillie Walden took a character that won the hearts of all TWD fans since her introduction to the Telltale video game series. Starting as a young child under the protection of Lee Everett, we all witnessed Clementine’s growth as each chapter of Telltale’s The Walking Dead came to pass.

Now, picking up after the video game’s finale, Clementine comes to graphic novels with a YA graphic novel that is full of heart and powerful emotions. Labeled as a YA in the dark world of TWD should not deter you as Walden cleverly manages to craft a story that can be enjoyed by anyone that is a fan of any part of the TWD universe.

Best Comics of 2022 Fantastic Four: Full Circle

8. Fantastic Four: Full Circle

It’s impossible to not include anything created by the iconic Alex Ross. He takes Marvel’s First Family and delivers an experience that only a creator of his caliber can deliver. We are well aware of his talents as an artist, but it was truly a gift to see him flexing his writing skills as the Fantastic Four head into the Negative Zone. The original graphic novel delivers a master-crafted visual style that Ross is renowned for and delivers a journey both artistically and in storytelling, unlike anything you will have experienced this year.

Best Comics of 2022 Do A Powerbomb!

7. Do A Powerbomb!

Comics and the world of wrestling collided in a beautifully written and even more drawn comic series. This is the perfect collision of the comic book world and wrestling that creates a bridge for fans of both mediums to unite and celebrate this work of art with a compelling story and strong characters packed with heart. This comic kicked ass and served as a narrative that showed love to not only comics but professional wrestling. Whether a longtime fan or simply intrigued by the world of wrestling, this comic gives you something to cling to and then drags from across the mat with its unrestrained and stupidly fun action.

Best Comics of 2022 Minor Threats

6. Minor Threats

The dark superhero universe of Minor Threats is a brand-new world that combines the archetypes we have seen before and twists them into odd new concepts that only the duo of Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum can pull off. After their stint together in Marvel’s limited M.O.D.O.K. comic series and their criminally short-lived M.O.D.O.K. series at Hulu, it was a fun and crazy experience jumping into the minds of these two creators. The series effortlessly delivers a love letter that pays homage to super-powered and superhero comics with a perfect blend of humor and creativity that makes it fun to root for the bad guys again.

Best Comics of 2022 Specs

5. Specs

David Booher won me over since I picked up the first issue of Canto and as he continues to rise through the comic book industry, seeing his expanding works, one thing remains true. Booher can craft an exceptionally emotional and powerful story. This remains true in Specs, eve after releasing during the span of countless horror comics, Specs still manages to stand above others by delivering a grounded horror story that creatively blends real-life experiences with the unrealistic extents of the supernatural. Chris Shehan took the assignment and ran with it by delivering his unique visuals while also delivering a touch of the Goosebumps/Twilight Zone ambiance.

Best Comics of 2022 Sabretooth

4. Sabretooth

This limited series was one that I entered with skepticism. What I expected to possibly miss the mark ended up being one of my favorite Marvel series of the year. Credit has to go to Victor LaValle and Leonard Kirk whose collaboration delivered a game-changing series that was dark, witty, and something truly special to experience. Sabretooth is an intriguing character and one of my favorite Marvel villains and to see the sinister repercussions of letting his mind run rampant was truly epic.

Best Comics of 2022 X-Terminators

3: X-Terminators

Superhero comics can oftentimes find themselves taking itself too seriously and that is perfectly fine, every now and then we do enjoy diving into a menacing and dark story featuring our favorite heroes such as Jim Zub’s Murderworld but X-Terminators shines in the ability to be a hell of a good time and delivers a blood-soaked adventure full of humor and violence. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but a comic that can keep me grinning from cover to cover should be praised and hence finds itself on our list.

Best Comics of 2022 Once & Future

2. Once & Future

Once & Future holds a dear place in my heart. Having been one of the first series to pick up after reading Kieron Gillen’s epic DIE, Once & Future delivered an equally grand story that took classic stories and molded them into a retelling that worked off the flexibilities of the stories to evolve. The Gillen is a master storyteller, and he shines in this series as he delivers a layered mystical fantasy series that involves the readers in the pleasures of Arthurian legends with Dan Mora’s stunning and bold visuals.

Best Comics of 2022 Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

1. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

The girl of steel saw herself push through the shadow cast by Superman as Woman of Tomorrow delivered a beautifully designed series by Tom King and Bilquis Evely. The characterization provided by King is sharp and gave us one of King’s most poignant and expertly crafted series that quickly became a must-read character journey that any comic book fan could enjoy.

Best Comics of 2022

Night of the Ghoul 
Nice House on the Lake
Count Crowley: Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter

Notable mentions: Night of the Ghoul, The Nice House on the Lake, Count Crowley: Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter.

It’s not too late to read these titles. Be sure to contact your favorite local comic shop to get your hands on the best of 2022. Find a comic shop near you here.



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