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Decadence Arizona: Ancient Future Survival Guide


Decadence Arizona: Ancient Future Survival Guide

Decadence Arizona: Ancient Future Survival Guide

Decadence Arizona: Ancient Future Survival Guide

Decadence Arizona: Ancient Future is just days away and Relentless Beats is gearing up to bring the party of the year on the final days of yet another year full of phenomenal projects in all mediums. If you want to enter the New Year surrounded by some of the most talented artists and lively partygoers, then Decadence Arizona is going to be the one stop you will want to make. The two-day festival is set to feature the talents of DJ Pauly D, Flume, Kayzo, Liquid Strange, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Dr. Fresch, Subtronics, 2SOON, Residuo, and many more!

Check out the full lineup below:

Friday, December 30

Black V Neck • Brett Ortiz • Chuwe • Deathpact • DJ Pauly D • Fisher • Flume • Kayzo • Liquid Stranger • Malaa • Midnight Tyrannosaurus • Moon Boots • Wooli

Alex Anders • Comfort Clo • Daytona • Elwer • Jur • Mastuh • Medicine Mike • Nikita Rising • Residuo • Sed’s Vortex

Saturday, December 31

Dr. Fresch • Duke Dumont • Cosmic Gate • Ekonovah • Hannah Wants • Louis The Child • Nicole Moudaber • Porter Robinson (DJ Set) • Space Wizard • Subtronics • Tinlicker • Walker & Royce • Yookie • Zeds Dead

2SOON • Deep Chetty • Ico Soundz • ¿idk? • Ladell Ransom • Lejre • Mamba & Turbo Present: Nightglider • Residuo • Seppi • STPHN • WRLD CYPHR

The immersive two-day festival will bring fans from across the entire country together to experience electronic dance music alongside their favorite artists in a one-of-a-kind experience with three stages that guarantee pulse-pounding sounds coming from every corner of the Desert Southwest.

We had the chance to speak with 2SOON ahead of Decadence Arizona to discuss his entry into the music scene as he continues to make a name for himself and deliver his unique sound to new and current fans. He also shared some insight on what it takes to be a successful DJ/Producer and we of course, talked about the end-of-the-year bash at Decadence Arizona: Ancient Future.

Watch or listen to the interview below:

2Soon Interview

Listen on your favorite Podcast platform

Now we always promote geeking responsibly but being at one of the biggest events of the year, you also want to party responsibly. The forecast for the event looks to be a bit chilly with some possibilities of rain. That doesn’t have to dampen your style, so we found some tips that we hope will prove useful, so you can stay warm and still rock your favorite look.

Scarves are an easy and stylish way to stay warm without having to live inside a sweater. There are also a ton of useful ways to accessorize with them with the stylish trends out there, and plenty of different ways to make a simple scarf work for you and stand out.

scarves 600x450 1

I may be out of touch with style but I still think ponchos are a sick look. Maybe I have spent too much time watching westerns or using Cole Cassidy as my main on Overwatch 2 but hey, if you can make it work, then take advantage because just as scarves can be a simple and not-so-intrusive way to stay warm, a poncho can do just the same. Hell, you can get really creative and make your own to fit the style and look you may be looking to rock for the weekend bash and Decadence Arizona.

Now, gotta keep the legs warm too, and dancing for hours on end can only help so much. Well, thigh-high socks or stockings will do just the trick, and again, keeping with the vibe of the festival, there are a ton of options out there to fit what you may be looking for. Another alternative that can help from head to toe and still be flashy is something as simple as a unitard!

Now, this last one is a bit odd but stay with me here. Any fan of football has possibly heard this a few times when it comes to cold weather games and that is Tiger Balm is a super easy and effective way to keep warm. Not only is it good for cold symptoms and nasal congestion, but the ingredients in it increase blood flow, so applying it on your arms can do wonders for keeping yourself warm without having to rely heavily on layers or thick sweaters.

Many professional football players swear by this and tend to be their go-to when playing in the snow or in low temperatures. We haven’t given it a shot but hey, if this strikes your fancy, go at it.

Tiger Balm the MAGIC Balm 6 different uses 6 שימושים למשחת הפלא טייגר באלם 3

For more information on Decadence Arizona: Ancient Future visit their official website.

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1 Comment

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