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Frontier: Magnetic Press Announces Sci-Fi Adventure Graphic Novel

Frontier: Magnetic Press Announces Sci-Fi Adventure Graphic Novel

Magnetic Press, the renowned publisher, has recently unveiled their latest sci-fi adventure graphic novel, Frontier. The book, consisting of 200 richly designed pages, is the brainchild of celebrated author and designer Guillaume Singelin, well known for his captivating blend of manga-styled characters set against gritty and detailed environments. Produced by Studio 619, this highly ambitious project marks the pinnacle of the creator’s impressive career thus far.

Frontier: Magnetic Press Announces Sci-Fi Adventure Graphic Novel

The story centers around scientist Ji-Soo, who, after dedicating a decade to developing advanced exo-archaeological probes, finds herself sidelined from her own project due to a buyout by the colossal corporation Energy Solution. Ji-Soo’s unyielding attitude leads to a series of reassignments until she eventually ends up on the Rock Breaker, an asteroid mining colony orbiting Vespa. As she embarks on her maiden voyage into space, Ji-Soo is soon confronted with the intricate complexities of life beyond Earth.

In addition to Frontier, Guillaume Singelin has showcased his talent in various other projects. Notably, Singelin worked on Netflix‘s animated film MFKZ, captivating audiences with his unique designs and illustrations. Furthermore, his contributions to the multi-platform video game Citizen Sleeper were widely acclaimed, which has now paved the way for the highly anticipated sequel.

Magnetic Press Publisher, Mike Kennedy, expressed his admiration for Guillaume Singelin’s work, stating:

“It’s hard not to fall in love with Guillaume’s work. While the characters might immediately seem ‘cute’ at first glance, that word quickly falls out of any description once the story takes over and things turn grim.” Kennedy further highlighted that, like the most compelling sci-fi tales, “Frontier” delves headfirst into weighty subjects such as environmental decay, corporate politics, animal cruelty, displaced refugees, and personal uncertainty.

The vibrant character designs add an extra layer of enjoyment when immersing oneself in the thought-provoking narrative. “Frontier” is the type of book that readers will want to revisit multiple times in order to extract every bit of its profound essence.

Frontier: Magnetic Press Announces Sci-Fi Adventure Graphic Novel

Creator Guillaume Singelin shared his inspiration behind Frontier, saying:

“Frontier was born from my love for science fiction. For over a decade, my sketchbooks have been filled with little astronauts and ships. In 2020, I began writing with the aim of bringing freshness to the science fiction genre, both visually and in terms of its melancholic yet positive tone.”

Singelin expressed his excitement regarding the book’s availability to new readers, hoping that they will experience the sense of adventure, travel, and everyday human connections that he sought to convey. Additionally, Singelin aspires to provide readers with a fresh perspective on the genre, while also serving as a gateway to new and unexplored universes.

Frontier: Magnetic Press Announces Sci-Fi Adventure Graphic Novel

Frontier will be available in three physical formats. This includes a trade paperback edition scheduled for release in retail stores next year, a premium hardcover edition exclusively offered through the campaign and Magnetic Press’s direct sales, as well as a deluxe limited-edition slipcase bundle.

The bundle boasts several exclusive items, such as a numbered bookplate signed by the author, an etched metal “traveler ticket” bookmark, an exclusive 75mm 3D-printed statuette of one of the characters, and a 2″ metal currency token. Only 250 bundles are slated for release during the campaign.

Frontier: Magnetic Press Announces Sci-Fi Adventure Graphic Novel

The Frontier Kickstarter campaign will run for 18 days, concluding on December 1st. For more details regarding this sci-fi adventure, visit the official website here.

Jackie Daytona
Jackie Daytona

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