Watch Maya Hawke Terrorized by a Killer in Opening Scene of R.L. Stine’s FEAR STREET PART 1: 1984.

Fear Street maya hawke

Netflix has released the opening scene of its upcoming horror film Fear Street Part 1: 1994. This is the first in a trilogy of movies that will be released based on the work of R.L. Stine. The scene features Maya Hawke (Stranger Things) being terrorized by a killer in a skull mask in a mall after she closes up shop. It’s a great opening scene that’ pays an homage to classic slasher films.

1994, “in the aftermath of a brutal tragedy in Shadyside, Ohio, a group of teens discover that a series of horrifying events that have plagued their town over many years might not be random and that they may be the next victims.”Check out our review of Fear Street Part 1: 1994 here, and check out the film tomorrow July 2nd, 2021.


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