Emily Blunt Set to Star in a High-Octane Epic Western Series THE ENGLISH

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer have are set to star in a “high-octane Western” series titled The English. The project is being produced by Amazon Studios and BBC One.

The story is set in “the mythic mid-American landscape in the year of 1890”, and it “follows Cornelia Locke (Blunt), an Englishwoman who arrives into the new and wild landscape of the West to wreak revenge on the man she sees as responsible for the death of her son. Upon meeting Eli Whipp (Spencer), an ex-cavalry scout and member of the Pawnee Nation by birth, they join together and discover a shared history that must be defeated at all costs, if either of them is to survive.”

The English will be written and directed by Hugo Blick, and it will consist of six-hour-long episodes. Blick said in a statement:

“The chance to make a Western with Emily Blunt and the cast is so delicious I’m still wondering if it’s one of those weird dreams we were all having during lockdown. If not, a thrilling, romantic, epic horse-opera is heading to your screen sometime next year, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Blunt and Spencer will be joined by Rafe Spall, Tom HughesStephen Rea, Valerie PachnerToby JonesCiaran HindsMalcolm StorrySteve WallNichola McAuliffeSule Rimi, and Cristian Solimeno

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