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Author Elizabeth Helen Enchants Us With Details of the Beasts of the Briar Fantasy Series

Author Elizabeth Helen is the combined pen-name of sister writing duo, Elizabeth and Helen. With their shared passion for fantasy romance, they have created a captivating series that has enthralled readers around the world. The first novel, Bonded By Thorns, was released in February of this year and quickly became a sensation, especially on BookTok, where it captured the attention and sparked discussions among avid readers.

In Bonded By Thorns, readers are transported to an enchanted fae realm where Rosalina O’Connell finds herself trapped. She must navigate through a world of magic and mystery, seeking to break free from the clutches of her four beastly captors. This steamy and imaginative retelling of Beauty and the Beast offers a fresh twist, as Rosalina no longer has to choose between the four alluring fae princes.

The story continues in the second novel of the series, Woven By Gold, which picks up right where the first book left off. The High Prince of Autumn, Farron, faces accusations of conspiring against his own people, resulting in the loss of his lands and control. To prevent an impending war from tearing apart the Enchanted Vale, the four High Princes must unite and uncover the truth behind the terrible winter, absolving Prince Keldarion of any blame.

Author Elizabeth Helen Enchants Us With Details of the Beasts of the Briar Fantasy Series

For fans craving more of Farron’s character, a prequel short story titled Prince of the Arena is available. This story takes readers on an exhilarating journey as Farron travels to the Summer Realm to witness Dayton’s participation in the Solstice Games.

The upcoming third entry in the Beasts of the Briar series, Forged by Malice, promises to continue the epic fantasy tale. Rosalina, now settled in a new home and in love with the four cursed princes, faces new challenges that threaten the Enchanted Vale. To protect their world and aid the High Princes, Rosalina must embrace her own strength and become a rose with thorns.

Forged by Malice will be available in all bookstores and digitally on December 5, 2023.

Author Elizabeth Helen Enchants Us With Details of the Beasts of the Briar Fantasy Series

We had the privilege of interviewing the sister-author duo, Elizabeth Helen, to learn more about their inspiration and creative process behind the Beasts of the Briar series. Check out the full interview below and be sure to visit Elizabeth Helen‘s official website to stay up to date on all things Beasts of the Briar!

Melissa Wilson

Melissa Wilson

Melissa is a teacher by day and a lover of all things nerdy by night. She loves novels, especially romance and fantasy, video games, movies, and tv shows. She’s currently replaying The Witcher and watching Twisted Metal.

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