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Kauwy Breaks Down the Beat of the Underground Techno Scene

DJ Kauwy Breaks Down the Beat of the Underground Techno Scene

Kauwy Breaks Down the Beat of the Underground Techno Scene

Geek Network spent some time in Carlos “Kauwy” Flores‘s studio to sit down to chat about music and what it’s like starting from the ground up to now making a big name in the local music scene in Arizona. 

Carlos is a close friend from our home town. During that time, the local electronic scene was making an impact all over the metro area. But it did take some time before Kauwy picked up the decks, and started spinning. Though his first taste of the electronic music genre that first piqued his interest started back around ’98. 

What really introduced him to electronic music was the genre “Techno” which is more mainstream in Europe. He is also a fan of house music in itself, but something about techno that Kauwy really has an ear for, and is the main genre he sticks to when it comes to playing live shows. This was Kauwy’s intro to the music scene, but it goes further than that, little did the underground know that he would go on to make big moves in the industry. 

When the world shut down briefly back in 2020 he and a few friends all bought their own set of Pioneer DJ Decks (DDJ-400) to learn and hone their craft. Once it was deemed safe to go back out to the world in 2021 Kauwy and friends started hosting parties, where they would hold DJ competitions. A mutual friend really liked his sound and referred him to someone in Techno Snobs, the group that Kauwy plays for nowadays, where they hold events just about every weekend.

They continue to work on their sound with the goal of always keeping the crowd entertained. This is certainly an act you don’t want to miss. You can follow Techno Snobs and Kauwy on social media¬†@technosnobsaz and @tinoblas_kauwy.

Check out the interview below:

You can also check out a mix by DJ Kauwy recently featured in Techno Spot’s Techno Snobs Snobcast Episode 8 below:

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