Captain Carter And Many More Coming In New Amazing Action Figure Line From Hot Toys – Zombie Hunter Spidey, The Hydra Stomper and more

Captain Carter And Many More Coming In New Amazing Action Figure Line From Hot Toys

Marvel’s recent “What If…?” animated series on Disney+ has become a hit on the streaming platform and now looks to become a hit in the collectibles space. After recently releasing a line of Funko Pops, Hot Toys is making 1/6th scale action figures based on the popular series.

The collectible figures will focus on

the “What If… Captain Carter Were the First Avenger” episode, and will soon release three highly detailed figures from it.

First up is Captain Carter. This figure features 28-points of articulation, interchangeable dark brown hair sculptors, and a variety of hands that can be swapped out when you want Carter to look relaxed, ready for combat, or holding the shield, sword, or pistol. You can expect to see Captain Carter in the second quarter of 2023.

Once it releases, she will be accompanied by her faithful companion Hydra Stomper. The 56-centimeter tall figure features LED lights for the eyes and arc reactor. The Hydra Stomper is sized to fit with the Steve Rogers figure. This version of rogers never received the Super-Soldier Serum.

Hot Toys is also offering a new version of Spider-Man from the fun “What If… Zombies?” episode. Spidey has a variety of hands for combat, gestures, web-shooting, and web-swinging. He comes with six strings of spider web in different shapes and lengths that can be attached to the web-shooters. Spidey is launching before the Captain Carter figure and will hit within the third or fourth quarter of 2022.

Check out the images below and get ready for Marvel’s What If…? universe to invade your home!

Source: Hot Toys

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