This Borderlands Cosplayer Brings Handsome Jack To Life In Incredible Cosplay.

Borderlands Cosplayer Brings Handsome Jack To Life

The cosplay community is one that keeps on giving and the creativity these cosplayers bring to their creations always leaves us in awe. It never fails to amaze us when we see the dedication and thoughtfulness behind people’s spin on beloved characters in games, movies, TV, and comics. This Borderlands cosplayer takes it a nudge further and completely baffles us in what looks like a still from in-game with his take on the ” Fall of Handsome Jack.”

The cosplay account is actually a duo, Mary and Feinbobi, a couple that usually cosplays together when bringing their love of gaming to the forefront. The pair has even done a few Borderlands cosplays together, but this one is dedicated to the charming villain, Handsome Jack.

This is the first we have come across this couple’s cosplays, but we are big fans and everyone should definitely go follow their Instagram account.

The photos captured by Aleksander Photography only add to the magic of this particular Borderlands tribute, creatively using lighting, shadows, and angles to set the scene. Interested in seeing more from this cosplaying duo? Check out their Instagram page right here! You can also shop around in their Etsy store too!

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