Black Panther War For Wakanda: Square Enix announced that Marvel’s Avengers will add Black Panther, Cosmic Cube Mission This Summer.

Black Panther War For Wakanda

We already knew that Black Panther War For Wakanda was coming, but now Square Enix treated us to a trailer giving us a taste of what players can expect when the expansion to Marvel’s Avengers drops this summer.

 As the name suggests, this expansion adds a new area for players to explore (Wakanda), and with it a new cast of characters, including a playable Black Panther. During today’s trailer, we saw the in-game debuts of characters like Shuri, the Dora Milaje, and the main antagonist of the expansion, Klaue. Klaue is working with AIM to secure the vibranium housed within the borders of Wakanda, and if the trailer is any indication, he’ll stop at nothing to obtain it – even if it means setting off explosions and unleashing a giant sentry on Wakanda. Black Panther and the War for Wakanda expansion comes to Marvel’s Avengers as a free update this August.

Black Panther War For Wakanda

Before we dive into the War for Wakanda, players will get a new story-based mission in the new Cosmic Cube mission. This challenging sequence sees the Avengers traveling to the Frozen Tundra, where Scientist Supreme has created a powerful weapon that allows her to bend reality to her will. This expansion adds a new Villain Sector for Scientist Supreme, featuring a story that involves Hank Pym. The battle to defeat Scientist Supreme and her army of clones kicks off June 22.

Wasteland Patrols allow you to hop into the Wasteland and search for clues about the coming apocalypse. This all-new Patrol mode lets you stumble upon exploration-based rewards and even randomized, replayable boss fights. In this massive, open map, players can move from one area to the next with no set objective, visiting locales like a Kree sentry graveyard, a ruined city, and a SHIELD stronghold. Wasteland Patrol doesn’t have a release window and is currently scheduled to come to the game this summer or later.

 Cosmic Cube comes to the game on June 22, War for Wakanda hits in August, and Wasteland Patrol joins the game sometime in the summer or later.

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