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Ben Lacy Discloses the Origin of the Mighty Samson

Ben Lacy Discloses the Origin of the Mighty Samson

Ben Lacy is the founder and CEO of Biting Comics, and the creator and writer of The Cthulhu Man, Shark of War, The Vicious Vixens of Dakuwanga, and his most recent series Samson #1 – To Fight The Uberfuhrer!

I finally got the chance to sit down with Ben and talk about what kind of food would be banned if he was a refrigerator, what it was that inspired him to become a writer, and where he gets his ideas from!  

We also chat about how Shark of War was the launching point for the shared universe between Shark of War, The Cthulhu Man, and the Vicious Vixens of Dakuwanga, whether or not we will see Samson cross over into this universe, the potential new characters and stories launching from the Samson series, how many issues Samson is planned out to be, what we can see from him in the future, and any advice he may have for up and coming creatives!

Check out Ben’s newest project Samson #1 – To Fight The Uberfuhrer, on Kickstarter right now, featuring his talented team consisting of Jhonesbas Craneo on pencils and inks, Anton Polkhovskyi on colors, letters by Nikki Powers, and two special covers by artists Toby Gotesman-Schneier and David Gallart!  If you aren’t familiar with the story, here’s the premise:

Samuel and Solomon Zucker were twins taken to Auschwitz in 1942. Nazi scientists used them as guinea pigs at part of Project Uberfuhrer, their effort to create a super soldier.  Instead they created their greatest enemy – Samson!  But now, years after the war, Samuel discovers that the original Uberfuhrer may still be alive and that Project Uberfuhrer may be up and running again!  

You can even try before you become a backer! Click the link, and you will find a link to the ashcan where you can read the first 8 pages free and get bonus features, including the stories of the real-life scientists who inspired the monsters running Project Uberfuhrer!

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Chris Dailey

A jack of many trades, but a master of none, Chris dabbles in many nerdy hobbies including toy collecting, reading comics, writing fiction, reading novels, and playing video games.  He’s also a huge wrestling fan, and knows more about it than most normal people should.  

When he’s not writing or hosting podcasts for Geek Network, he can be found listening to podcasts and hanging out with his wife, his two daughters, and his little dog Gertie.

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