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Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham: Bruce Wayne Is Dead, Long Live the Dark Knight

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Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham: Bruce Wayne Is Dead, Long Live the Dark Knight

Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham: Bruce Wayne Is Dead, Long Live the Dark Knight

Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham: Bruce Wayne Is Dead, Long Live the Dark Knight

DC Comics has announced a new mini-series titled Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham. The series will be coming to the publisher’s Black Label imprint with Rafael Grampá taking the reins on this twisted tale, we will be introduced to one of the darkest visions of the Dark Knight and Gotham City. Grampá has had their hand in celebrated series both at indie publishers and DC Comics with work on BRZRKR, Wonder Woman, Action Comics, and Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child.

Now, Grampá spins a story that sees Bruce making the decision to kill off his identity as Bruce Wayne to don the cowl full-time. The now fully available Batman will be on the trail of a serial killer as well as an all-new rogues gallery that will take Batman to depths of evil he has never seen before.

DC Comics‘ description of Gargoyle of Gotham reads:

In a Gotham City where every day feels darker and more irredeemable than the last, Batman makes a definitive choice—to kill off the Bruce Wayne identity for good and embrace the cape and cowl full-time. But though he knows the streets of Gotham, Batman will soon come to find that he hardly knows himself.

A serial killer is on the loose, and while the murder victims seem random at first, every clue draws Batman closer to the terrifying truth—that they are all connected, not just to each other, but to him as well. When an all-new rogues gallery of utterly depraved villains begins to emerge from the depths of the city, Batman will have to contend with the very nature of evil—including that which lurks in the darkest corners of his own heart—to face what is coming for the city he has sworn to protect.

Grampá shares in the press release that he is bringing his own interpretation of Batman to life in this story, saying:

“When his origin was introduced in Batman #1 in the 1940s, Bruce Wayne swore revenge by the spirits of his murdered parents and—driven by his belief in an omen—became Batman. For me, this subtle aspect of Bruce’s belief system has always been the fundamental core of Batman, and through that lens I recognized this untold story. 

Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham explores ‘who he is and why he came to be.’ It makes my dream of bringing my own interpretation of Batman to life a reality as I delve into the darkest corners of his essence. I sincerely hope readers enjoy the ride.”

Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham: Bruce Wayne Is Dead, Long Live the Dark Knight

Gargoyle of Gotham cannot be contained within the talents of Grampá and he will be enlisting the help of some of the industry’s most beloved creators to bring a slate of variant covers to the debut issue including Jim Lee, Frank Miller, David Finch, Priscilla Petraites, and Paul Pope. The debut issue of Gargoyle of Gotham will also have a special “noir” edition at select retailers which will kick off this grim tale in a vivid black and white issue.

Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham #1 will be available at your favorite local comic shop and digitally on Batman Day (September 16, 2023) and the four-issue series will have a bi-monthly release.

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