This Giant Alligator Loki Body Pillow Is The Perfect Piece To Give Any Room Glorious Purpose

Alligator Loki Body Pillow

As fans continue to recover from the epic Loki finale. We have something that might tend the wound a bit or at least give you a cuddly reminder to hold while you continue to try to get over the overwhelming events and heartbreaking situation we saw Loki and Sylvie in. May Loki variants were left behind in the Void, and most notably Alligator Loki, who won the hearts of True Believers.

Alligator Loki may or may not be returning to screen at some point, but for now, let us share with you this pretty epic Alligator Loki that will give your room glorious purpose! The Alligator Loki body pillow comes to us from Noble Demons. It retails at $150, but I would happily pay that price tag to have him in my home with the sensation over this character. This must-have piece of Asgardian art can be preordered through July 23rd.

Keep in mind geeks, due to its size, the pillow cannot be shipped stuffed, but the seller does give you some great tips on how to stuff it and what stuffing works best. Having purchased items similar to this before, you can find the stuffing at any local Walmart or craft store and is relatively decently priced.

While Noble Demons doesn’t specify how many body pillows are available for purchase, they stress it is a limited item due to the size and could run out before the July 23 deadline. So if you’re leaning towards pressing purchase, I’d go for it! The Alligator Loki body pillows will ship out in August.

Alligator Loki, we hope you’re guzzling wine somewhere in the Void. Until we meet again, we have this delightful pillow to remember you by.


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