Joe Hill’s Dracula Spin-Off Abraham’s Boys being adapted by Natasha Kermani.

Abraham’s Boys

Abraham’s Boys will be adapted by Tea Shop, the producing team behind the undersea thriller 47 Meters Down has teamed up with writer/director Natasha Kermani (Lucky) to adapt author Joe Hill’s Dracula spin-off story Abraham’s Boys into a feature film.

Hill is a successful writer, known for writing NOS4A2 and the comic Locke & Key, and the son of famed horror writer Stephen King.

“The action-horror story is a follow-up of sorts to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, testing the relationships Stoker formed in his original novel. The plot follows Max and Rudy Van Helsing, who know nothing of their father Abraham’s past and cannot understand his overprotective attitude and strange behavior. To make matters worse, Abraham is becoming increasingly more unhinged, paranoid, and violent. Kermani’s adaptation is set to explore the boys’ trauma through the eyes of a young Asian woman who is no stranger to death.”

Kermani said of the project:

“I’ve always loved Bram Stoker’s Dracula and was immediately drawn to Joe Hill’s unique and personal take on the legend of Van Helsing. Abraham’s Boys is an exciting opportunity to look at a familiar story through a new lens, and to explore classic characters and themes in a contemporary way.”


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