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The Game: A Game of Life and Death Spanning Hundreds of Years Comes to Kickstarter

The Game: A Game of Life and Death Spanning Hundreds of Years Comes to Kickstarter

The Game: A Game of Life and Death Spanning Hundreds of Years Comes to Kickstarter

A new comic, The Game, is live on Kickstarter. The Game is a new series that features elements of the original Quantum Leap with a sprinkle of The Highlander. It’s a sci-fi thriller written by Charlie Stickney with art and letters by Conor Hughes and colors by Triona Farrell.

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Check out the description for The Game below:

Eli, who is down on his luck, is told on his 30th birthday that he’s Player Number 3 in a game that’s been going for over a thousand years. And that he needs to figure out the rules pretty quick if he wants to survive.

I’ll admit, I got greedy,” said Stickney. “After having the privilege of building the world of White Ash with Hughes, when approaching The Game, an equally expansive universe, I thought why not run this team back – see what else we can do. Thankfully Conor said yes, and along with Tríona Farrell, we’re building something special. If you like our spin on the fantasy tropes, you’re going to love what we do with sci-fi.

I’m ecstatic to be back working on The Game!” said Hughes. “From first blush The Game felt tailor made for the kind of story I’d have a blast telling and the kind of characters I’d have fun inhabiting. Any young adult especially can relate to the escalating pressures Eli faces as he’s thrown into a gauntlet wherein, he doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know. His position on the game board seems both precarious and unclear and that’s what makes this story so exciting to tell. Happily, he does seem to have allies, though their position on the board is also a matter of some question…” 

The Game is already live on Kickstarter with issues 1-3. Check out the official project page for more details and to support the project.

Check out the preview below:

Source: Kickstarter

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