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4 Efficient Ways To Cut Costs for Your Film Production


4 Efficient Ways To Cut Costs for Your Film Production

Working with a tight movie budget means finding efficient ways to cut costs on film production. Check out our tips for filming on a budget here.

Filmmakers know it requires more than a good script, actors, and spare time to make movie magic. It’s all about diving into a world of art and fantasy and making the impossible possible. That often requires a pretty penny, but sometimes the budget is tight. Check out these four efficient ways to cut costs for your film production.

Find Hidden Talent

Films don’t need big-name actors to be good. Think of it this way: someone had to discover Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington. There is a lot of hidden talent in the acting industry, and all you need to do is seek it out.

The best news is actors are always looking for jobs too. Use social media platforms to advertise and promote the film and make a call for actors. A good majority of them are looking to build up their screen credits and demo reel. You only need to create an opportunity for them.

Don’t Go to Hollywood

Most critically acclaimed and popular films were not made in Hollywood. Hollywood is one of the most expensive locations to make a film. Go film where it’s cheapest. Movies set in the US aren’t always filmed there.

Canada is a popular location because of the low labor costs and better exchange rates. Malta, New Zealand, and the Czech Republic are also good spots if you want to branch out further. When traveling to these locations, avoid paying for them. Shooting a scene on private property is expensive. Instead, build connections with small business owners and offer them credit in the film.

Use Alternative Sets

Aside from traveling to cheaper locations, some sets don’t even need to truly exist. Some of the most famous films used miniature models for action scenes instead of paying for the exact location. If your film includes destruction, and you can’t afford to pay for it, use miniature models.

With advancements in technology, it’s easy to make a scene look realistic and life-like. Thank goodness for special effects. Use subscription-based editing software to help. Adobe Creative Cloud is only $19.99 a month and comes with more than Premium Pro for video editing.

Source Cheaper Equipment

Since you’re using inexpensive software editing, see what other affordable equipment you can source out. Today, cameras are going for about 600,000 dollars. If that’s not in your budget, consider going to an auction for something more affordable.

Auctions encourage competition, and suppliers will match prices so they can get a sale. See if there is lighting equipment you can also get for cheap. As an alternative, try to shoot during the day as much as possible. Shooting in natural light is a budget lifesaver.

Cutting costs for your film production doesn’t mean your masterpiece won’t hit the big screen. It just means you made magic and saved money while doing so.

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