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Wynd #6 Soars in it’s Return to Comic Book Shelves.

“The second arc of Wynd sprouts wings and continues to soar”

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Wynd #6
Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Michael Dialynas
Lettered by: Andworld Designs
Publisher by: Boom! Studios

Book Two: The Secret of the Wings

Wynd has returned! Our favorite weirdlblood from Pipetown comes back with another arc. Our lovable fantasy series returns with the same charm and a beautifully immersive experience that takes us back, forth and up! The excitement keeps flying and the stakes keep getting bigger for this series from Tynion and Dialynas.

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Before it jumps back into the action, we do get a look at how Molly came across Wynd. Molly came across Wynd at the end of Weird Woods presumably abandoned. Molly’s husband, a guard at Pipetown named Roderick, finds her holding our titular character as just a baby ( Shredder: THEY’RE BABIES!!!) anyways, as sweet as the flashback is, there’s a particular thing of note, at least it seems that way. We do get a look at a raven-gargoylesque type creature overhead, with the focus shown, there has to be something there…

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Now, we all but knew the story of how Wynd might have ended up in Molly’s care, but I can really appreciate Tynion & Dialyna’s choice to take us to that moment and let us experience this first hand. This scene really nailed all the “feel good” notes that is a good start to the second arc after having put us through the wringer in the last issue.

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Fast forward to present time and we get a glimpse to the current state of some characters that were left with somewhat of a question mark. Elsewhere, King Yossar has opened up the gates of Pipetown after a century and allows none other than in his words “monsters” in. We’re introduced to the Vampyrium, as to who they are and why King Yossar has allowed them in Pipetown will have to be something left for you to find out when you pick up your copy, but I will say this, we see Kikg Yossar make unlikely agreements, and we get a bit of a fun fact in regards to The Bandaged Man who we discovered in the previous issue was also a “weird blood.”

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Now, the meat and potatoes of Wynd! We’re back with our ragtag group as they sail the seas, Tynion takes a step back from the high tension events and gives us a mellow experience of our favorite characters expressing their colorful personalities that made us fall in love with them in the previous arc. Now, I put on “Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters as I read this and I have to say the song really made this set of pages for me, I know, not the best song choice from the band, but with the song’s focus being finding inspiration, it just seemed to fit as after Wynd went through some of his most trying times, it seems like having a moment to just enjoy himself has lit that fire once again that set him out on this adventure. I know many readers won’t like to be distracted by music as they read, but in the words of Cal Naughton Jr. “I like to party.”

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Overall this issue is full of life, which breathes life back into the series and let’s us in a sense hit the rewind button and start with a full health bar as we embark on another adventure with Wynd and our group. There’s multiple events unfolding at once and from what you will see, it will all come to a head and bring us full circle to our titular character Wynd. Once again the strength in this series is Tynion’s dialogue as he strengthens our bond with these characters and we see the plot of our next adventure jump leaps and bounds in just a few conversations thanks to Tynion’s genius. Dialynas nails it with his exquisite line work and takes us back to the whimsical fantasy world that only this duo can put together. As many similarities to other fairy tales we might feel, this is definitely not just another fantasy hero’s journey. The perfect combination of Tynion’s dialogue and Dialynas art is a comic readers holy grail. So be a hero and join Wynd on his next journey, but most importantly GEEK RESPONSIBLY!




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