A mixtape in comic form, that blends familiar lore, with the roughness of the Wild West. 


Yonna, a witch that has lived for 1,000 years, travels the desert southwest on her kickass motorcycle named ‘Ramblin Rose’, and with her avionic companion, who I’m to believe is her familiar. What seems to be a comfortable secluded life, is interrupted by a seemingly careless act that will bring Yonna to Carlos, Texas. Here, Yonna will cross paths with a Hex Hunter, and a biker gang of vampires calling themselves, The Hounds of Love. 

First off, this issue plays almost like a mix tape, not only because Mathew Erman goes and quotes ‘Mannequin Pussy’, but because this story, from the introduction of Yonna, is written with an aesthetic of a rock song playing out in your head. Lisa Sterle, and Gab Contreras even further push my mind into a living concert playing out in my head with the combination of superb character designs and line work that set Contreras up for use of colors that look like something you’d see on a vinyl cover at the record store, it’s exhilarating, and one of the most unique comic experiences I have ever taken. 



For the sake of not spoiling the experience that this premiere issue will give you, I will say this about the plot. Yonna’s road trip, as well as her coven’s attempt to survive is in immediate danger. Their blood is the source of all magic, and it’s highly coveted. This is Trueblood with attitude. 

In the premiere issue, the creative team has successfully given us a character who although vulnerable, packs some serious attitude, you can’t help but root for her, and with the dangers she has stumbled upon and the revelation of her WITCHBLOOD, we are on our way to be treated to some action-packed, magic in the making. 

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