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Warner Bros. Discovery Announces 10-Year Plan for DC Films

Warner Bros. Discovery Announces 10-Year Plan for DC Films

Warner Bros. Discovery Announces 10-Year Plan for DC Films

Those following the news regarding the Warner Bros. Discovery shifts and cancellations going on as a result of the merger and change in focus for the companies. The two major production companies recently made headlines by giving the Batgirl film that starred Leslie Grace the ax with reports coming in that Sasha Calle‘s Supergirl film is also at risk of being canceled.

Previous reports stated that the companies were looking for someone to take the reigns of the DC Universe much like Kevin Feige has done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. CEO David Zaslav has openly admitted the MCU “is something we think could be better.” During an investors call, Zaslav went on to unveil the plan they want to put in place for the DC Extended Universe moving forward.

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Zaslav noted the following plan, saying:

“We have done a reset. We’ve structured the business. There will be a team with a 10-year plan focusing just on DC. It’s very similar to the structure that Alan Horne and Bob Iger put together very effectively with Kevin Feige at Disney. We think we could build a long-term, much more sustainable growth business out of DC, and as part of that, we’re going to focus on quality.

We’re not going to release any film before it’s ready… The focus is going to be, how do we make each of these films, in general, as good as possible? DC is something we can make better, and we’re focused on it now. We have some great DC films coming up. ‘Black Adam,’ ‘Shazam!,’ and ‘Flash.’ We’re working on all of those. We’ve seen them, and we think they’re terrific, and that we can make them even better. That’s what Mike [De Luca] and Pam [Abdy, Warner Bros.’ new motion picture heads] are doing.”

Zaslav also praised Warner Bros. content, saying:

“The Warner Bros motion picture group has fantastic IP,” between DC, the animation group, together with the entire Warner library, our ambition is to bring Warner back.”

Among the ambitious plan for the DC Extended Universe, there are also plans to merge the streaming services HBO Max and Discovery+ into a unified platform with a single brand. It also seems as though HBO Max will be putting original productions on the back burner as they shift their focus on the cinematic experience and overall functionality of the streaming platform.

Warner Bros. Discovery Announces 10-Year Plan for DC Films

Things are definitely shaking up at Warner Bros. Discovery with Zaslav pulling strings to bring the two companies to what he believes will be a successful and profitable state. It truly is a shame to see many of these projects be casualties of these plans as a fan of the creators and talented actors involved. Stay tuned as more information unravels in the future.

Source: Warner Bros.

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