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uWu Con Day 2 Recap

Day two of uWu Con was the busiest day of the entire weekend. Which is normal for any con of any type. But WOW it did not disappoint, Day two brought more panels than day one. More food vendors, and what’s that more vendors in the exhibitor hall! Geek Network does not know how day two managed to fit more food trucks into the outside food court.

I am glad they figured it out because on day two the food was still exquisite. The food vendors made sure to make an impact this day going forward, because they had dishes based or named after certain anime characters to give it that flair of this character would eat this, or this specific dish would describe this character, and they had the right idea because these were on point.

Drinks made an appearance once again, like “Hidden Leaf Village Green Tea Boba.” which was to die for because that held up. The mixture of the green tea and boba did not overpower one flavor they all worked well together. You could find cosplayers, and fans alike swarming the food court.

Speaking of cosplayers, they did not hold anything back, because we saw more than the first day, and everyone stood out. Everyone brought their own twist, or specific pose which was a fresh breath of air. This year the cosplay fandoms were also so diverse from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Wars Rebels, My Hero Academia, and surprisingly even a few cosplays featuring Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The cosplayers dressed to impress that the voice actors from the Rebels panel asked them to come on stage for a photo op after the panel which turned out to be amazing.

Not only did that photo-op make the fans happy, but it was a highlight of the entire con, because it has been displayed, and made impressions all over social media. The second night saw the amazing talent of Nobutoshi Canna and Ryo Horikawa bringing their amazing “Voices of Japan” panel to life, and giving their fans some insight on dubbing in Japanese compared to American dubbing.

Followed up by “THE One Piece” panel, which featured the hilarious cast of Brandon Potter, Jonah Scott, Johnny Yong Bosch, David Sobolov, Robert McCollum, and Jesse Hooker.

The One Piece panel at uWu Con was an unforgettable experience, which showcased the diverse talents and playful camaraderie of the cast. From envisioning their characters in different pirate universes to sharing the secrets behind signature laughs, the panel brought fans closer to the magic behind the beloved series. 

Questions ranged from serious feelings about joining such a long-standing successful show to humorous inquires on how their characters would get along with Jack Sparrow’s crew. David Sobolov (voice actor for Kaido) admitted he got the job before knowing anything about One Piece and had to call up a friend to inquire about the show.

Brandon Potter stated he had been confused as to why so much effort was put into finding the perfect match for his character Shanks when he originally only had a few lines at the start of the show. Potter stated the producers in Japan had to give the okay before he was cast to voice Shanks. 

Audience engagement reached a high point when questions shifted to the distinctive laughs of Kaido (voiced by David Sobolov) and Donquixote Doflamingo (voiced by Robert McCullum). Cast members shared anecdotes about perfecting these unique vocal signatures, bringing insight into the creative process behind their iconic characters. Doflamingo’s laugh in particular was described as a great ab workout due to how long McCullum has to sustain the increasingly intense laugh. 

When probed about how they would fare as actual pirates, the responses took a surprisingly humble turn. Most cast members acknowledged the vast difference between the swashbuckling adventures of their characters and the harsh realities of real pirate life. Many humorously admitted that they wouldn’t last long as only one of them had any real boating experience.

 As the uWu Con wrapped up, attendees left with laughter, new insights, and an enhanced appreciation for the vibrant personalities that bring One Piece to life on and off the screen.

They discussed who would murder or join Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl crew, or who would murder him, and cause a mutiny. Also, they joked around who would say “Why is the rum always gone?” The evening concluded with the Star Wars: Rebels panel. The cast gathered around to answer questions from the moderator and ask each other questions, such as “How do you feel about your animated characters making it on the big screen, and seeing these beloved characters brought to life in live action.

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The cast also took questions from the audience and they answered questions such as “favorite movie in the series, favorite characters.” The audience and voice actors expressed their joy and some light mockery of what it was like working with Dave FIloni. Day two did not disappoint, a day for the books, now stay tuned for our Day 3 wrap-up.

Dani Barroso
Dani Barroso

Dani Barroso

In my spare time, I like to go on long walks with my dog Chewie, go to concerts, read comics, watch spoopy movies, and if time permits play some video games with the guys. For more about me, and my random adventures follow me on social media!

Jesse Alvarado
Jesse Alvarado

Jesse Alvarado

Dabbles in many different geeky genres. Has a long list of manga and anime that he is working his way through but keeps adding to it like a fool. Enjoys reading fun comics and watching Movies/TV. Always ready to jump on some video games and play with friends.

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