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Under the Influence: Pranks Turn Deadly in Mad Cave's Upcoming Series

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Under the Influence: Pranks Turn Deadly in Mad Cave’s Upcoming Series

Under the Influence: Pranks Turn Deadly in Mad Cave’s Upcoming Series

Under the Influence: Pranks Turn Deadly in Mad Cave’s Upcoming Series

Mad Cave Studios announced a new series to their already successful and diverse line-up of comics. Under The Influence will be a 5-issue series focusing on a sociopathic teenager who manages to start an internet cult and chaos ensues. This wild ride is written by New York Times-acclaimed writer Eliot Rahal, with art and cover A by Stefano Simeone and letters by Frank Cvetkovic with a Lunar exclusive cover by Nicoletta Baldari.

A teenage sociopath, Paul Kozac, has accidentally created an internet cult called The Hot Dog Party. When a prank turns deadly, the F.B.I. sends in an undercover agent, Cara Cole, to investigate and infiltrate their ranks. Now Cara battles against real stakes, fake news, and memes in a character-driven story about power structures and the communities you build. This is a story about “Click to follow” cultism during the age of social media

Rahal discusses the initial idea for Under The Influence and what it was like working with Simeone, saying:

“Cults as an idea are very fascinating to me. How they work. The relationship between the cult members and cult leaders. And now it really seems that we as a species have moved into a new era of cults through the internet. Sometimes I can’t help but think about where this is all going. Fortunately, Mad Cave was there to give me that opportunity.

Overall, Under The Influence is a five-issue story about an internet cult that gets too big, inertia, and hot dogs. All power to Stefano Simeone who brings so much dynamic action to a book that has to deal with the internet and screens a lot. Also, a special shout out to editor Steenz who was fundamental in the story process. And also to Chas Pangburn who sewed it all together.”

Simeone was excited to finally work with Rahal and bring Under The Influence to life, saying:

“Since I read Eliot’s first comics, I’ve wanted to work with him on something. I was sure he could cook something special. I wasn’t wrong, and he cooked hot dogs! This book is about internet and socials and cultism, and tells about the most difficult age of life – when you’re too young to be an adult and too old to be a child, so you’re just stuck in the middle. I’m lucky I have the chance to bring to life all those characters with their different feelings, it’s a great challenge.”

Internet influence is all too real nowadays but the wildness of this upcoming limited series is what makes comics the best form of entertainment. The more out-of-the-box and absurd a story sounds, the more excited I find myself to read it. Mad Cave continues to excel in bringing us truly original content. Rahal and Simeone will make a truly dynamic duo with a series that is full of insanity that you alarmingly can come across on the internet. Color me intrigued and I am ready to join THE HOT DOG PARTY!

Be sure to check out Under The Influence, which will be available at your local comic book shop on July 5th. 

Under the Influence: Pranks Turn Deadly in Mad Cave's Upcoming Series



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